Multiboot 2k10 DVD / USB / HDD v.2.5.2 (Acronis & Paragon & Hiren's & WinPE) | 2.02 GB

Multiboot disk system administrator based on the bootstrap IsoLinux / SysLinux v.3.86. The disc consists of several products, with the uniting of one shell vozmozhnostyu loading c DVD, USB Flash Drive, USB-HDD and conventional HDD.
The main purpose - preparing to install the OS (with Notch install Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 - Utilities WinInstall (GUI) / WinNtSetup, installation packages in the assembly are not included!), Creation / deployment of system images, restoring / copying of data intensive care companies, clearing the OS from viruses / trojans, testing the main components of the PC and much more. There is a support network (RusLive/Win7PE/7x64/PartedMagic) vozmozhnostyu to connect to the Internet, and multimedia support (RusLive / PartedMagic). There Notch use most of the programs of the assembly as a "portable" (fully portable, they are not, it's just self-extracting in the TEMP directory-marketing autoenrollment).
The composition of the boot menu:
01. USB-driver PLOP v.5.0.11
02. SV-Micro-PE (@ SV2004) Plus Pack 2k10
03. RusLive (@ NIKZZZZ) Special Edition 2k10
04. Win7Live (@ Xemom1) Special Edition 2k10
05. WinSeven x64 (@ Xemom1) Special Edition 2k10
06. Parted Magic 2012.05.14 / Linux Live-CD /
07. DOS-version of Hiren's Boot CD 15.1 (rus)
08. Linux-version of Acronis Disk Director Suite v.10.2288 (eng)
09. Linux-version of Acronis Disk Director Home v.11.0.2343up2 (rus)
10. Linux-version of Acronis True Image Enterprise Server v.9.7.8398 (rus)
11. Linux-version of Acronis True Image Home Plus Pack 2012 v.15.0.6151 (rus)
12. Linux-version of Acronis B & RW v.11.0.17437 (rus)
13. Linux-version of Easeus Partition Manager Professional v.9.0.1 (eng)
14. Linux-version of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 v. (eng)
15. Linux-version of Paragon Home Expert 2009 v. (rus)
16. Linux-version R-Studio Emergency v.5.4.506 (eng)
17. DOS-utilities and much more ...
List of Windows-based programs in version 2.5.2:
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Software updates for the current assembly
New build TrojanRemover to the current version. With self-renewal do not forget to stop updating the kernel to update the database only, or fly off registration!
Build CureIt (free anti-virus). Updated core and key. Buildable ONLY after database updates.
New build CDRoller 9.30.80, it does not growl antivirals ... yet. Password to download - my nickname.
Another CD-version of the loader. Convenient because after starting it is loaded into memory (CD can be removed).
Kaspersky Removal Tool (with the bases on 08/04/2012) and semi-finished 9Mb (without anti-virus) (the second option requires a mandatory upgrade to start using, not the base!).
Brief description of the assembly
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Practical recommendations on the use of the loader
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How to create a bootable CD / DVD or USB-Flash/USB-HDD
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How to boot from this disk
To boot from CD / DVD or USB-Flash/USB-HDD necessary when the computer boots from the boot menu to select the appropriate media. This can be done either in the BiOS, or in the menu Quick Boot / called at the time of initialization BiOS, usually on the keys Esc, F11, F12, F8 - see hint or instructions /. USB-Flash in the Quick Boot is often hidden in a submenu HDD (bootable flash drive is seen as a boot screw). If you have several options to boot from flash drive (USB-FDD, USB-ZipDrive, USB-HDD) - choose USB-HDD.
The structure of the disk
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System requirements:
A computer with 128Mb RAM or higher, CD / DVD drive or USB interface
New in version 2.5.2
Updated program unit (except for networking and multimedia programs), anti-virus software, added a few new tools. Altered the boot menu, the boot menu Hrubá integrated loader (see header), updated some of the Linux-version Utilities. The system adds support for chm-references, all references in the format now chm, doc, txt - ie, available under the PE assemblies.