Backroom 13 (2009)

Categories: Horsehung, Muscle Men, Uncut Cocks, Hunks, Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Oral Sex, Rimming
Starring: Derrek Diamond, Kyle King, Ethan Wolfe, Kai Ford, Mike Roberts, Tyler Saint, Damian Rios, Bryan Slater, Dominic Pacifico, Dean Carter
Studio: Hot House

Bryan Slater with his long, thick, veiny, cock has a big mushroom head at one end and big balls at the other. This proves irresistible to Dominic Pacifico who chows down on it prior to rimming then fucking Slater. After getting thoroughly pummeled from behind, Slater lays Pacifico on his stomach and gives as good as he got until he drops a nice white gob on Pacifico's ass.
The slightly twinkish Dean Carter interrupts Kai Ford's breakfast to ask for bathing suit advice, causing Ford to stop eating his cereal and start eating ass. But it's Dean who gets the breakfast of champions when he eats Kai's beautiful cock and balls. The cheesy porn music is low enough that we can hear every animalistic grunt and groan of both guys as Kai fills Dean's twitching hole. We get another flip-flop fuck with great tabletop action until Kai climaxes with at least eight distinct streams of cum.
The always-hot Tyler Saint wakes the sleeping Ethan Wolfe by caressing his ass and cock, leading to quite romantic kissing while both guys' massive pricks rise to attention. Ethan's thick, dark shaft with its pink pointed head and Tyler's long and perfectly proportioned dick are great examples of the beautiful diversity of male anatomy. I had to rewind four times over to watch Tyler lower himself onto Ethan's rigid pole and start the fucking. Tyler's tightly muscled body and manly muscle thighs are so beautiful to watch as Ethan pistons his cock in and out. Tyler is such a great aggressive bottom, and Ethan a masterful top who knows how to please such a voracious bottom. But Tyler, being the ultimate versatile performer, ends up on top. Watching the veins dance in his big muscular arms is almost (but not quite) as exciting as watching that long cock of his slide in and out of Ethan's hole until Ethan releases a veritable river of cum.
Mike Roberts and Damion Rios take over the same bedroom as Saint and Wolfe. Mike gives good oral attention to Damion's thoroughly suckable prick then fucks him long and hard, including with a great reverse cowboy. Even after he has fucked the cum out of Rios, Roberts keeps pumping away until finally shooting long ropes of jizz onto Rios's abs.
In the fourth flip-flop scene of the movie, Derrek Diamond wastes no time going down on Kyle King's king-sized cock. Diamond's big low-hanging balls dangle tantalizingly below his gaping hole that King spit shines and tongue fucks before driving his meat in as deep as possible. Diamond seems so absolutely happy as a bottom, it's surprising to see him relinquish that role and take over on top. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:21:45
Resolution: 640x480
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