BackBox Linux 2.05 (i386/amd64)

BackBox Linux 2.05 (i386/amd64) | 1.94 GB

The development team BackBox Linux is a new stable release of the adjustment of the specialized distribution in GNU / Linux, designed for pen-testing and evaluating the security of computer systems.

The distribution is based on Ubuntu 11.04, the kernel Linux 2.6.38 and Xfce 4.8.0.

System has been updated, bug fixes, performance improvements, improved menus start; improved driver support WiFi; added new hacking tools - Creepy, fern-wifi-cracker, Joomscan, Pyrit, Reaver, Xplico; fixes the following tools - Crunch, Fimap, Hydra, MagicTree , Metasploit ...

Title: BackBox Linux
Version: 2.05
Latest version: 2.05
Official site:
Architecture: i386 + amd64
Type of drive: DVD

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