Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.2 iBook G4 12" + Bundled Software

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.2 iBook G4 12" + Bundled Software | 5.0 GB

Mac OS X Tiger - the most innovative and secure operating system ever created. According to him, the competitors will go crazy trying to copy the "chips" new "OSes".
According to the creators, a new system for the Macintosh, there are two major advantages over competing products - a new technology for searching files within a computer system and quick access to relevant information. The system deals with Spotlight instant search any document ever stored on a Macintosh. Spotlight searches the contents inside the documents themselves and the information about them in the meta-data, pictures, files, format PDF. And even in the documents of Microsoft Office. Spotlight technology is built directly into the operating system kernel, so it automatically updates the search results after each change to the file. In addition to the OS kernel Spotlight is built into some applications of Tiger - in the program Mail, Address Book, Finder. The new search from Apple will also instantly find songs in a music shop iTunes.
Extras. Information: Version Mac OS X Tiger for school iBook G4, arrived in 2005, it is possible to install applications for education and entertainment, interesting exciting games for Mac OS X
MD5: 3ea4cf69d2e06f8009744a6200f49458

Version: 10.4.2
Developer: Apple Inc
System requirements: PC Mac, with processor PowerPC G3, G4, or G5, ranging from 300 MHz or more
built-in FireWire connector
256 MB of RAM or more
N GB of free hard drive space or 4 GB for two xCode Tools, 2 GB mode minimal install
DVD-ROM drive
Language: English only