Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage - THETA (2012/ENG)
Year: 2012 | PC | English | Developer: Gamepires | Publisher: Gamepires | 2.75 GB
Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D

Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage is a fast-paced addictive combat racing game for the PC. The game is played from the ?behind the car? camera perspective and features many different vehicles, weapons, upgrades, on-track bonuses as well as distinctive and astonishing environments. Player starts with low performance vehicle and gradually works his way up by earning money in a series of challenging races. Along with developing his driving and fighting skills, player has to invest his hard earned money wisely to grab the chance for driving on the road to glory.
Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage features unique type of humor that adds additional value to the game.
Newfound riders expect a series of events / trials, divided into four categories. Access to these categories, new tracks and cars opened as the game progresses. The choice of vehicle class (initially available only to a class) defines a set of events in which you can take part. At the beginning of the game of restricted competition, but over time the player depending on the results, will open the new competition. Participate in open competitions in such a way can be an infinite number of times (with points and money will be awarded for each race). To move to a higher class to win a special tournament featuring the best racers. Team competitors on the routes of competitions and tests are the riders, computer-controlled. Their skills are directly dependent on the specified settings and parameters. In addition, computer-controlled riders can progress and improve their cars just as a player. This provides additional realism of the gameplay. In each category there is a rating that shows the current achievements of all riders. In order to be always among the best, the player must win a regular basis and make money to improve your car, do not forget about the accumulation of funds for a new car. All improvements have its price, which increases depending on the class and type of vehicle. The standard types of events / trials are races, races, and Shootout tournaments. However, to participate in some competitions must meet certain requirements (class, type of car, car color, permitted weapons, etc.).
? More than 240 miles of trails, each of which is available for 5 different competitions.
? 4 unique types of weapons, level 3 enhancements weapons, 15 different types of ammunition.
? 12 vehicles with the ability to customize (more than 12 enhancements, different colors, wheels, stickers, etc.), the distribution system damage.
? Bonuses and gain on the tracks.
? Special hidden tracks, cars and experience, seasoned with a great sense of humor.
? multiplayer mode.
The game is run through the series of events\challenges that are divided into four separate categories. Categories, tracks and vehicles are unlocked as player progresses throughout the game. After selecting the class (only the first class is enabled at the beginning) selection of events follows. At the start of the game number of events is limited but it increases in time depending mainly on player's score. Unlocked events can be played an unlimited number of times and each time player can win points and money for the selected event. The transition from the lower to the higher class is achieved by winning in the special boss tournament event.
Besides the players, various AI simulated drivers engage in events and challenges. All AI drivers are simulated according to their parameters and settings. Computer opponents can progress and improve their vehicles in a way similar to the player's. This provides an additional reality aspect for the whole game.
For each category there is an official rank roster which shows the current positions for all the drivers. The player must achieve victories on a regular basis to be consistently at the top and earn the money to maintain his vehicle and save some for a new one. All upgrades come with price tags, which rise depending on the class car type. Standard types of events/challenges are races, knock-outs and tournaments. Some events have prerequisites that have to be met before participating in the race (specific class, car type, car color, type of weapon allowed...).
? 150+ miles of tracks and 5 different events per track
? 4 unique weapons, 3 upgrades per weapon, 15 different types of ammo
? 12 customizable cars (12+ upgrades, color, rims, stickers, etc..) , damage distribution on the vehicle
? On-track bonuses and power ups
? Secret tracks, cars and experience spiced with unique humor
? Multiplayer mode

System requirements:
? Windows Vista/7
? DirectX 9c
? 2 GHz
? 2 GB RAM