Baldur's Gate - Dilogy (1998-2001/MULTi2/RePack by Sanctuary) Updated
Year: 1998-2001 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer : BioWare Izdatelctvo | ublished: Interplay Entertainment | 4.22 GB
Genre : RPG / Isometric

Baldur's Gate I: Back in 1998, when I still had no beard, and the trees were hoo, terrible has happened ... Lupatye monitors began to radiate a magical light Forgotten Realms, processors began to enthusiastically throw Daishi and swish the rules of AD & D, CD-drives choked discs, and gamers would fall into a trance and starved for keyboards ... Survivors say that this year gave birth to Bioware Baldur's Gate.
An epic adventure spread over 5 disks (and later at 6 (and later still, and all 11)). Dryschi became heroes, heroes - the wicked, vile villains giggled. Among them were brave and valiant soldiers neochen, arcane mages, treacherous thieves, merry bards and other characters created by exhausting the user. With this quest, whistling arrows, ringing steel - happy owners were personalok Baldur's Gate ...
If you do not have a beard, start to play - after the last boss she grows up.

Features games:
"Great world
"Epic scope of the plot
"Colorful landscapes
"Weapons, armor, spells, and even strangle
"Monsters at all enough
"Quests too
?AD & D, even more beautiful than on paper
"You can be a dwarf!
"But you can not be!
"One of the best RPG series of all time!

Features repak includes:
At the heart of distributions are of good quality English versions of games. Resources do not pollute in any way, were the only compactly folded and sealed. You always have the opportunity to put that same old Baldur's without any frills. In addition to Parts 1 and 2 there is a separate installer for Baldur's Gate Trilogy.

Baldur's Gate I
The distribution includes:
?Full English version of Baldur's Gate with the addition of Tales of the Sword Coast version 1.3.5512
"Russian translation of the text from the Aerie Team
"Fixes Baldurdash

Baldur's Gate II
The distribution includes:
?Full English version of Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn with the addition of Throne of Bhaal version 2.5.26498
"Russian translation of the text from the Aerie Team
"Fixes Baldurdash or Core Fixes from BG2FixPack by Gibberlings

Baldur's Gate Trilogy
The distribution includes:
"Clickable installer Baldur's Gate Trilogy WeiDU 1.14
"Russian translation of the text Aerie Team
"Preset fixes Baldurdash / Gibberlings / BGT Music
?WeiDU fashion fixes: BG2FixPack / Unfinished Business / Widescreen / TobEx / BGT Custom GUI / BGT Music
"To install the required distributions BGI and BGII (folders and Install_BG1 Install_BG2), pre-utsnavlivat nothing.
"When you Precompiled Fix automatically installed:
"Baldurdash fixes for BGI
?Core fixes from Gibberlings BG2FixPack for BGII (additional tweaks and fixes beta-disabled)
"Patch BGT Music - allows BGT to use all of the music from both parts of the saga
"When you select Advanced Setup modes are set one by one through a standard WeiDU interface components, and pick and choose the settings for each mode. If in doubt - do not choose, the game runs without them. If still in doubt - put Precompiled Fix and sleep peacefully.