Thinkwell - Economics

Thinkwell - Economics | 2.7 GB

Thinkwell's Economics is a college-level course and is a combination of both our Microeconomics and Macroeconomics courses; nothing is left out, so it's a fantastic 2-for-1 deal. Most colleges offer microeconomics and macroeconomics as one-semester courses. Some colleges present economics as a survey course covering microeconomics and macroeconomics topics but lasting only one semester. At least one semester in economics is recommended for a college prep curriculum. A good math foundation is important for this course; we recommend Algebra 2 or College Algebra as a prerequisite.

What's inside:
1. Introduction to Economic Thinking
2. Understanding Markets
3. Consumer Choice and Household Behavior
4. Production and Costs
5. Perfect Competition
6. Other Market Models
7. Resource Markets
8. Market Failures
9. Evaluating Market Outcomes
10. Macroeconomic Measurements
11. Economic Fluctuations: Unemployment and Inflation
12. The Aggregate Expenditures Model
13. Money: Banking, Spending, Saving, and Investing
14. Aggregate Demand/Aggregate Supply Model
15. Monetary and Fiscal Policy
16. Productivity and Growth
17. International Focus

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