Garcons D'Etage 1: La Suite (1995)
Garcons D'Etage 2 (1996)

Categories: Classic, Twinks, Anal, Oral, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Cumshot, Group, Young Men, Interracial, Toys, Public sex
Starring: PART 1: Gilles Fournier, Ghislain de Brantome, Benjamin Burgit, Jean-Luc Barcy, Anton Jourdan, Lorenzo Venturi, Guilhem Thomas, Guillaume Montroy, Fernando Leone, Anthony Baileys
Starring: PART 2: Lucien Lebrun, Guillaume Montroy, Philippe Rey, Guilhem Thomas, Lorenzo Venturi, Jean-Francois Chambon, Marcel Lelisier, Alexandre Parrys, Claudio Rosso, Ghislain de Brantome, Sami Cheikib, Florent Mareuil
Studio: French Art, Videovision

PART 1: During his stays in international five-star hotels, Cadinot has observed the clientele: business men out for a good time, the rich on their pleasure trips, A-list celebrities - as precious as they are short-lived - served by their staff and bell-boys ready to join usefulness with pleasantness.
Beyond appearances Cadinot - with his ironic and lucid outlook - infiltrates the royal suites, wanders the luxurious corridors and shows us the real side of these fauns on heat.
The young maintenance guy, the two well-built decorators, the athletic bodyguard, the photographer and the TV reporters willing to do anything for a scoop and even the bell boys enjoy sexual pleasures... even in the public gardens!
PART 2: Following the success of Garcons d'Etage La Suite, Garcons d'Etage 2 brings us the new adventures of hotel staff selected with very thorough criteria. Tight, stretchy trousers allow their cocks to take on their ample forms before breaking free for vigorous penetrations.
In the staff-only areas, where they're in charge, they take part in thunderous sex parties. For birthdays, they blow out the candles! But blowing the clients is the job they like the most. For the Russian colonel, the Italien producer, the young groom and the son of a sheikh ... the quality of service is at the same level as their sexual prowess, their pleasure and the demands of the most difficult customers. Enjoy!..


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Duration: 01:17:20
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