Thinkwell - Trigonometry

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Thinkwell's Trigonometry has high-quality online video lessons and automatic grading to make sure your students understand the trigonometry formulas they'll need to succeed in calculus. Thinkwell's award-winning math teacher, Edward Burger, can explain and demonstrate trig clearly to anyone, so trigonometry basics are easy to understand and remember. Professor Burger shares the tricks and tips so your students will remember them when they begin calculus.
What's inside:
1. Algebraic Prerequisites
2. The Trigonometric Functions
3. Trigonometric Identities
4. Applications of Trigonometry
5. Complex Numbers and Polar Coordinates
6. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
7. Conic Sections

Online course with more than 190 video lessons.
1000+ interactive exercises with immediate feedback allow you to track your progress
Automatic Grading and Scoring
Award-winning teachers from America's top colleges and universities
Printable illustrated notes for each topic

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