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AspenTech AspenONE 7.3 Added Aspen Documentation CD | 3.89 GB

AspenONE software for engineering simulation and modeling are the basis for designing new processes or modernization of existing manufacturing processes to improve their performance. AspenONE software in combination are used to build models, and business decision - making the results of modeling, as well as they provide:* Consistency of data. AspenONE software for engineering simulation and modeling help to reduce time to implement the project and make the design process more convenient due to the possibility of integration and sharing of data and knowledge between professionals and managers. Reliable simulation tools provide greater confidence in the correctness of decisions.
* Communication design, management and business - processes. Due to the open architecture software products aspenONE significantly expands the scope of the models created for the purpose of engineering calculations. These models can also be used to control the factory settings, optimization, real-time business planning and decision - making.
* Increase productivity and improve the quality of engineering calculations. With the most complete, powerful and modern means of simulation and optimization, extensive databases, libraries of modular operations, economic analysis capabilities, aspenONE software for engineering simulation and modeling can significantly reduce the time to solve engineering problems.
* Improved efficiency of plants and reduce the payback period of the project. Exact thermodynamic models allow us to design the optimum material, thermal and helper threads, choose the right equipment for the process that helps you make better use of capital and increase profits with minimal additional investment.
* Business - Forecasting. AspenONE software for engineering calculations and simulation can accurately assess the various options for investing in the early stages of project development.
All models in the aspenONE software products based on knowledge of processes and combines all previous engineering innovations and advances in information technology, and provide reliable results, tested in real industrial applications.
AspenTech Announces Availability of 7.3 Release of aspenONE V7
What's new in version 7.3. What's New in aspenONE Engineering (design module)
Oil Production
The complex Aspen HYSYS Upstream proposed a new patented module conceptual design, which can quickly create a model of technological oil production facilities, reducing the possible risks when evaluating various design options for technology equipment at the design stage of the process.
With high precision model of plate and spiral heat exchangers are available in the complex Aspen HYSYS, allow oil companies to optimize their systems for the production of liquefied natural gas, to analyze current problems and to offer their service on this basis, various options for technical solutions.
Petroleum refining
A new library containing 180 samples of crude oil, refining allows professionals to produce more accurate and comprehensive features of numerous types of crude oil by converting the data HYSYS Oil Manager in the data HYSYS Petroleum Refining the touch of a button.
Accurate models of furnaces Aspen, are part of the complex HYSYS, enable professionals to analyze the existing refinery operating limitations, to predict the possible benefits from the modernization of equipment and improve energy efficiency by quickly selecting the optimal crude oil, which provides revenue maximization.
Selection of reagents
The new module Aspen Properties Mobile provides anytime, anywhere fast access to information about the physical properties of the components, leaving ample opportunity Aspen Properties module for mobile devices Apple iPad and iPhone.
Aspen Plus module saves a few weeks working through the rapid collection of data on the properties of mixtures and phase equilibrium parameters necessary to verify the adequacy and fine-tune the models of technological processes. Currently, Aspen Plus provides direct access to data on more than 24 thousands of individual components to be mixed, and 30 thousand pairs of mixtures.
Faster payback
Modules Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus speed up and simplify the compliance requirements of the production, which regulates emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Customers using these tools, can register these emissions and their impact on the environment and economy of production in the CO2-equivalent. The system of Aspen HYSYS contains examples of new methods of processing of acidic gases, aimed at excluding CO2 and hydrogen sulfide by the use of certain methods of distillation and the corresponding amines.
With the help of analytical Aspen Energy Analyzer module companies are able to in just a few minutes to calculate the energy efficiency of their processes, using means of Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus. Aspen Energy Analyzer module uses the methods of pinch analysis to determine and compare the different ways to achieve energy efficiency targets.
In Aspen Integrated Economics with Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus, customers can now integrate their own rules costing and sizing using the appropriate templates. This allows them to easily carry out an economic evaluation of projects across the organization and standardize their processes through the use of the best achievements of world practice.
Aspen Basic Engineering Module provides the ability of the design of almost any size - with 64-bit applications, allowing customers to efficiently manage large projects.
Enhanced user interface, implemented in the module Aspen Flare System Analyzer, make it more convenient to use and more effective in the development of economic projects, while maintaining the achieved level of safety and environmental performance required.
System Requirements
Processor: Intel; 1.00GHz or higher
Hard drive: 40 GB
Memory: 1 GB for XP, 2 GB for VISTA
Processor: Intel ® CoreTM2 Duo 2.00GHz or higher
Hard Drive: 250 GB
Memory: 3 GB
Operating Systems:
Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 (32-bit)
Windows Vista Business SP2 (32-bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit)
Windows 7 Professional (32-bit)
Windows XP Professional Edition SP3 (32-bit) Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard SP2 (32-bit)
Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise SP2 (32-bit)
Windows Server 2008R2 (64-bit)
Microsoft Office:
Windows XP: Office 2003 SP3
Windows Vista: Office 2007 SP1
Windows 7: Office 2007 SP1
Windows Server 2003: Office 2003 SP3
Windows Server 2008: Office 2007 SP1
The following software requirements apply to all products Aspen.
- Internet Explorer 6 SP2 (XP and 2003 Server)
- Internet Explorer 7 (Vista and 2008 Server)
- Internet Explorer 8 (Windows 7, 2008 Server)
- Adobe Reader - see Adobe website to determine which version is appropriate for the operating system you are running
- MS Office 2003 SP3 (Windows XP, 2003)
- MS Office 2007 SP1 (Windows Vista, 7, 2003, 2008)
Some features require the installation of additional software, for example, Intel Fortran, Visual Studio, and so on.
aspenONEV7.3_DVD1.iso - Aspen Engineering
- APED database component V7.3
- Aspen MUSE V7.3
- Aspen OnLine V7.3
- Aspen PIMS V7.3
- Aspen Plus Based Refinery Reactors V7.3
- Aspen Process Manual V7.3
- Operations Support V7.3
- Process Development V7.3
- Process Modeling (Aspen Plus) V7.3
- Process Modeling (HYSYS) V7.3
- Aspen Basic Engineering V7.3
- Aspen Properties Mobile V7.3
- Economic Evaluation V7.3.1
- Exchanger Design and Rating V7.3
aspenONEV7.3_Documentation.iso - Aspen Documentation
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