Cluster Sound FX Drooms Ableton LiVE

Cluster Sound FX Drooms Ableton LiVE | 1.02GB

FX Drooms is a massive collection of FX layered percussion kits specifically designed for Ableton Live and for a wide range of electronic music styles. This Live-ready Instrument provides 5400 WAV samples, 312 percussion clips and 312 instrument racks organized into 13 categories: Congas, Bongos, Djembe, Metals, Woods, Toms, Mixed, Ethnics, Snares, Kicks, Shakers, Low Percs and Clanks.

Sample FX Layering: In FX Drooms, each of the dry percussion samples has been processed with 24 esoteric reverb and sound effect templates obtained by stressing DSP, hardware and convolution sources. Thanks to our Sample FX Layering technique you will be able to mix these external effect signals to the dry samples and manage them via dedicated controls: FX Amount, Decay Time, Pre Delay, Low Cut, Hi Cut, Pitch, Shaper, OSC Volume.
The included Sample FX Layers simply sound different. Mixed with the solid dry sources, they give the library a distinctive glommy psycho (acoustic) athmosphere characterized by incredible hi end and definition. In addition to the dry percussions and the Sample FX Layers the included instruments implement also several sound-specific send effects created by using Ableton Live plugins.
System Requirement: Ableton Live 8.2.1 or higher
Tech Specs:
Ableton Live Pack
Ableton Live .alp File containing:
5400 WAV Loops
312 Percussion Clips
312 Percussion Racks
24 Sample FX Layers
24 Bongo Kits / Clips
24 Conga Kits / Clips
24 Djembe Kits / Clips
24 Ethnic Kits / Clips
24 Kick Kits / Clips
24 Low Kits / Clips
24 Metal Kits / Clips
24 Mixed Kits / Clips
24 Shaker Kits / Clips
24 Snares Kits / Clips
24 Tom Kits / Clips
24 Wood Kits / Clips