Gay Erotica from the Past 2 VHSrip 1946-1954

Year: 1946-1954,
Time: 65 min
Our early sexual history was played out (and still is, to a point) against a backdrop of repression, fear, and illegality (we are still criminals if we make love in 36 of our 'free' United States). But during the 40's and 50's our sexual heritage enjoyed a growing sophistication as the idea of our homosexuality ushered in a new sense of freedom and open expression.
Today, with growing repression rearing its ugly, Lou Sheldon-like head, we can look back at these films and see our beginnings as a culture unashamed of its affections. These films are an essential chronicle of our past. Come view the origins of our self-awareness and celebrate our sexual heritage. This video features the early days, when the American Model Guild reigned supreme, and smooth marbled bodies posed (and more, if the cameras were daring) like sculpted Greek gods.
Size: 638Mb