Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1970-'71 (Official+Bootleg)

Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1970-'71 (Official+Bootleg)
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Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1970-'71 (Official)
Pink Floyd - West Wood One Radio 1970-'71 (Bootleg)

British broadcaster John Peel made a huge impact on bands and music fans during his lengthy career with the BBC.
It has always been the duty of DJs and music critics to spot trends and highlight talent that otherwise would be ignored.
Peel was never a follower of fashion but always searching for music that spoke a different language from the conventional.
When John Peel was alive, he was more than a radio presenter. He championed music, music that wasn't fashionable or current.
You could say he was interested in all kinds of music and probably felt that different music could appeal to different people.
In memory of John Peel, who passed away on October 25, 2004, here are two early Pink Floyd shows presented by John.

Pink Floyd first appeared on John Peel's
Radio 1 show Top Gear in September 1967

Artist: Pink Floyd
Album: BBC Archives 1970-'71 (CD1+CD2)
West Wood One Radio 1970-'71 (Bootleg)
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Label: Harvested (CD1+CD2)
Audio Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320 KB/s
Bit Rate Mode: Constant
Writing Library: LAME 3.97 (alfa) (CD1+CD2)
Writing Library: LAME3.98.2 (Bootleg)
Recorded: July 16, 1970 (CD1)
Broadcasted: July 19, 1970 (CD1)
Recorded: September 30, 1971 (CD2)
Broadcasted: October 12, 1971 (CD2)
Total Runtime: 3:14:31
File Size: 457 MB

On July 16, 1970, Pink Floyd performed live at the Paris Cinema in London.
As stated in the liner notes to The Floyd's Of London, "Peel, at the time, was something of a maverick".
Bucking the Top-40 format, he was more interested in promoting almost anything that was not in the mainstream, and had
been a huge admirer of Pink Floyd.
Appearing on the Peel Sunday Concert, this was considered a landmark concert where the group premiered two new pieces,
"If" and "Atom Heart Mother".
The show was first broadcasted on July 19, 1970, and later re-broadcast on Swedish Radio P3, on October 7, 2005.

Tracklist CD1

01 John Peel Intro (0:28)
02 The Embryo (10:42)
03 Fat Old Sun (5:51)
04 Green Is The Colour (3:22)
05 Careful With That Axe, Eugene (8:27)
06 If (5:48)
07 Atom Heart Mother (with John Alldis Choir and the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble) (25:04)

Just over a year later, on September 30, 1971, at the same venue, the group performed a second live show.
This set was broadcasted on Peel's In Concert program on Oct 12, 1971.
This was the first time two key songs were performed on the BBC;
"Echoes" (which at one point was called "The Return Of The Son Of Nothing") and "One Of These Days".
But fans will probably like to listen to the rarity that is "Blues".

Tracklist CD2

01 John Peel Intro (0:42)
02 Fat Old Sun (14:59)
03 One Of These Days (7:42)
04 The Embryo (10:46)
05 Echoes (26:29)
06 Blues (4:57)

Pink Floyd - West Wood One Radio 1970-'71 (Bootleg, source: Radio-Soundboard, Live)

Totally amazing BBC recordings of Floyd, not exactly what's listed on the cover, but a best of compiled from the two shows.
Presented by JJ Jackson, and aired on West Wood One Radio.
Trippy, eerie, and all classic early recordings from a legendary band!
The quality of the audio is brilliant, and as far as I can ascertain, none of these tracks have ever been officially released.


01 JJ Jackson Intro (0:46)
02 The Embryo (10:01)
03 Green Is The Colour/Careful With That Axe, Eugene (10:58)
04 If (4:53)
05 Atom Heart Mother (14:24)
06 One Of These Days (6:54)
07 Echoes (25:17)

Artwork included, all tracks are properly tagged, and although I usually do my own encoding,
I do not claim any credit for ripping this material.
Other people spent a lot of time/effort to record, transfer, master, EQ, and get this music
onto the internet so we can finally have a chance to hear it. We ALL owe them a huge THANKS. Floyd - BBC Archives 1970-'71 2CD Bootleg.part1.rar Floyd - BBC Archives 1970-'71 2CD Bootleg.part2.rar Floyd - BBC Archives 1970-'71 2CD Bootleg.part3.rar Floyd - BBC Archives 1970-'71 2CD Bootleg.part4.rar Floyd - BBC Archives 1970-'71 2CD Bootleg.part5.rar