Collection of samples from the company's Rhythm Lab (Wav)

Collection of samples from the company's Rhythm Lab (Wav) | 1.32 GB

Rhythm Lab is the production studio founded by Dmitry "Cyberworm" Vasilyev. We are busy with sound design, dubbing, music, samples and loops production. We have an extensive experience in various styles of music, from funk to neurofunk, from dub to dubstep. We are commited to maintaining the highest standart and provide premium content only. Studio cooperates with many talented musicians and producers as well as well-known labels and samples publishers.
CW Korg Wavestation Sr Samples
CW Lo-Fi Synthesizers
CW Mfb Bass
CW Mfb Synth
CW Minimal Bd
CW Monomachine Perc
CW Nord Modular Bd
CW Novation Supernova Bass
CW Novation Supernova Various Synths
CW Polyvox Bass
CW Punchy Bassdrums Clavia Nord Modular G2
CW Quasar-Sounds Quasimidi Quasar
CW Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution Drum Samples
CW Roland Mc307 Hip-Hop East
CW Spectral Audio Neptune Samplepack
CW Studio Wormbone Abstract Voice Hits
CW Sub Basses Pack
CW Synthdrums
CW Synthesized Drums
CW Tamsmpl001 Flipper Basslines 1
CW Techno-Electro-Synthshots
CW Vermona Drm1 Mk3
CW Vermona Synthesizer Pack
CW Vinyl Funky Brass And Epiano Chords
CW Vocoder Spoken Words
CW Yamaha Cs30 Analog Pack
CW Yamaha Fs1r Drumkit
CW Access Virus B & Novation Supernova Reece Bass Pack
CW Access Virus Bass And Reece
CW Access Virus Classic Waveforms
CW Access Virus Ti Drum Samples
CW Access Virus Ti Hypersaw Waveforms
CW Arp Axxe
CW Bassstation Pack
CW Big Stabs Pack
CW Blofeld Drumkit
CW Crash Pack
CW Cyclodol Fx & Loops
CW DnB & Breaks Synths
CW DnB & Dubstep Synths
CW Dsi Mopho Synth Loops
CW Electro-Tech-House Hits
CW Emu Xl7 Oneshot Drums
CW FAC Analog Bass Drum
CW FAC Kick Samples Vol 1
CW FAC Kick Samples Vol 2
CW FAC Magnetic Drums
CW Giant Vinyl Drums Pack
CW Glitch Drumkit Vol.1-2
CW Jomox Airbase99 Bassdrums
CW Juno106 Bass Roland Juno
CW Juno106 Pack
CW Kick Fx
CW Korg Prophecy Bass

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