Powerfull 2 VHSrip 1989

Directed by Jeff Stryker
1989 111 minutes
Themes: Underwear, Dirty Talk, Tuxedo, Jail
Jeff Stryker is back in jail and this story follows the same premise as its predecessor, Powertool. Jeff's cellmate, Doug Niles, wants to help Jeff with his horniness. Doug sucks Jeff's thick prick as prison guard Joe Cade jacks off to the action. He joins them for ass-fucking (shown with large and intense penetration shots) and dirty talking. Neil Thomas sees this in a mirror and wants his jail partner to satisfy his needs. A prisoner 1nds a vacuum pump in the storage room and spends time expanding his dick. He gets an anxious guard to deep-throat him through the cell's bars. Here, though, the video takes a turn for dragginess. Jeff's outta jail and is looking for a job. A fantasy three-way with tuxedoed Beau Beaumont and a gorgeous, model-like man follows. Dirty talk, foreplay, eye contact, and Beau's stretched-to-a-wire ori1ces are included. Danny Brown couples with an older Latin man to ensure his bid for a job. And, in a widely publicized first, Jeff sucks dick!! Long teasing and some roughness by Stryker occur as he comes home to Alex Stone. Jeff sucks Alex's cock (does he look like a beginner to you?) and takes his asshole. Directed, written and produced by Stryker, this video presents big close-ups, underwear, sexy men and plenty of hard-on, fulfilling sex action
Alex Stone, Beau Beaumont, Danny Brown, Neil Thomas, Joe Cade, Doug Niles, Jeff Stryker
Size: 1183Mb