Bondo Gods Vol 6
Stars: Marco Paris, Chad Hunt, Eric Masters, Van Darkholme, Tyler Bristolrock, Dividian
Shibari Bondage, electro-play, total submission
see Chad Hunt tied up! It's an ultimate fantasy-fetish trip! For those into fetishes, those who lust to make Bondage a part of their lives, complete with ropes and latex spandex, BONDO GODS from Muscle Bound Productions is a definite turn on. There are three compelling long bondage and fetish sex scenes featuring a top Porn Star Cast directed by the Master of the proceedings Van Darkholme. Chad Hunt and Tyler Bristolrock are each at the center of a Shibari Bondage scene, with the victim restrained and tied with ropes woven and wrapped around his body, penis and balls. Marco Paris, Dividian and Eric Masters light up the central latex spandex bondage electro play scene. Sexual acts are at the core of each scene utilizing the excitement of the bondage, and Darkholme is at the center of them all. Three amazing scenes!



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