Directed by Arthur Bressan, Jr.
1983 78 minutes
Themes: Strong Plot, School - Teachers
Pleasure Beach is listed among the "One Hundred Best" by Adult Video News and won "Best Picture" in 1984 from the Gay Producers Association of America. Though filmed in a mere four days, this film is probably the highlight of Bressan's career, this "beach party movie" was a smash success when it premiered at New York City's Adonis Theatre on December 18, 1983. Openly gay and active lifeguard Michael Christopher steals his "straight" pal Johnny Dawes away from his girlfriend. Strong plot establishes an interesting story and provides the porn stars a chance to show their Thespian tendencies as the film chronicles the changes in their lives during the last summer weekend before Labor Day. And once the sex gets going it's plenty hot! Action includes: Christopher beating off while fantasizing romping on the sand with Dawes, Christopher sucking a pretty blond's rockhard cock to orgasm and swallowing his cum, two horny surf punks (T.J. and Scott Sedgwick, in his debut) sneaking into the school men's room for some oral gratification, a three-way with upending and licking, Christopher plowing and ass-slamming Beau Matthews's asshole with his long meat, a poolside oral sex trio, and Michael Christopher throwing a beautiful fuck into his buddy Dawes after a long seduction. A rarity in porn films, this story also offers some humor. A true homosexual romance that genuinely explores character development and plot, not to mention offers honest, erotic sex action. Was also nominated for "Best Director," "Best Actor in a Lead Role," "Best Actress in a Supporting Role," "Best Screenplay," "Best Cinematography," and "Best Erotic Scene."
Beau Matthews, Billy Miller, Dale Stephens, Scott Sedgwick, Stephen Leigh Daniels, T.J., Johnny Dawes, Marci Davis, Michael Christopher
Size: 772Mb