Xrumer 7.0.12 Elite and Hrefer 3.85(VMWare)

Xrumer 7.0.12 Elite and Hrefer 3.85(VMWare) | 3.66 GB

XRumer - the program automatically place your ads on the forums, guest books, boards of announcements and catalogs links (as well as blogs and wiki). In a word - autosubmitter. Currently available version of XRumer 7.0 Elite.Windows 98/2000/2003 / XP / Vista / Win7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and preferably a broadband Internet connection without restrictions on traffic

Here are the basic specifications and features:
Ability to work in multithreaded mode
The program is capable, if necessary to register on the forum (if you need to create a new post) and fill with all the required fields. After registration, the program automatically login to the site and places your text and / or link
Built a powerful search engine and check proxies. This protects your anonymity and eliminates the ban on the forums on IP. You can use a HTTP-and SOCKS-Proxy.
The program can work with a lot of different types of forums and guestbooks: phpBB and PHP-Nuke any modifications, yaBB, VBulletin, Invision Power Board, IconBoard, UltimateBB, exBB, phorum.org, wiki, livejournal.com, AkoBook, various types of boards announcements and "samopisnymi" engines
WARNING: the exclusive opportunity - the program avoids any kind of protection from automatic registration and autosubmit! Such as:
- Protection with piktokoda (tickets) type "Enter the number that you see." Read more ...
- Protection with activation e-mail. Read more ...
- Protection by means of some Java-scripts. Read more ...
- The possibility of recognizing protection in the form of arithmetic operations and logical issues
In the process of sending a detailed report is automatically created with the exact links to the posted ads, and you can check for each link.
Integrated system of "FAQ"
There is a system of variations, which can be used to make the announcement of the 10,000 stationed there have been no similar, but the meaning remained the same. This helps to make a significant variation in the key demands (SEO) and search engines to exclude the same filtering options
If the administrator has several sections, the program selects the most appropriate topic, and if this is not - then in Offtopic, flame, etc., if there are none then the most visited section.
It is possible to use and edit the BB-Code
Includes tools for processing database index: remove repeated links, sorted in descending order of attendance, the removal of black-list, the various filters
The program itself tells about new versions
It is possible to use plug-ins (plugins). At the moment, the set includes plugins AutoDating (Mamba + Loveplanet) and SocPlugin (Odnoklassniki + VKontakte)
Integrated system of scheduling, the system self-learning, post-editing, Mass-PM, and much, much more
The unique system of "spam" allows thematic "humane" mailing on forums, in accordance with their subjects
The system is fully autonomous and requires minimal skills: simply select the appropriate database links (or Russian-speaking angoloyazychnuyu), type a text ad with a link or links and all. It is important to understand that these features are not limited, and it is recommended to use other opportunities to maximize the benefits: the system of "Anti-Spam," the system "questions and answers," the system "MT Post-Editing" and many others - more you can ask for free Help Desk.
The software system includes Hrefer and database links to forums, guestbooks and blogs: more than 400,000 proven, unique links, updated monthly.

Extras. Installation Information :::: :::
1.Ustanovit VMWare 8.
2.Zapustit VMWare 8
3.Zapustit car. In the window that appears, click "I MOVED IT"

Warning ::: :::
- Do not close Xrumer and hrefer in VMWare.
- Do not leave the system without perezagruzhatsya in VMWare.
- Always maintain status of the requested machine.
- Keep a backup copy if hrumer will close copy of the backup and run
- User Password Administrator: www.blackhatninjas.com