MaxSea Time Zero Explorer 1.9.6

MaxSea Time Zero Explorer 1.9.6 | 611 MB

Combining the information from the NavNet 3D mapping capabilities MaxSea software creates a revolutionary increase in the accuracy and purity of the picture and provides instant display of data on the screen
Windows XP, VISTA or 7

1 GHz processor (recommended 1.5 GHz or more)

Drive CD-ROM - for software installation MaxSea-NavNet

Serial port or USB - to connect the system NavNet 3D and security key (dongle)

40 GB hard disk space

Video: 256 MB DirectX 9 compatible (the driver WDDM, Pixel Shader 2.0 and the depth of 32 bits per pixel)

Funds Network: Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
I have a great set at Win 7x64 without dancing with a tambourine

Your ship takes place simultaneously on the computer. NavNet 3D software MaxSea TimeZero Explorer gives you all the benefits of Software MaxSea, and the ability to link it to your system, NavNet, to collect data from all sensors in the network. Get GPS / WAAS coordinates are given fish searching sonar or depth gauge and radar target of the Ethernet-speed network system NavNet.

MapMedia offers a full range of nautical charts under the name [. Mm3d], specifically designed for NavNet 3D systems, MaxSea Time Zero and company Furuno. Maps [. Mm3d] is available in raster or vector format. MapMedia raster maps based on official paper charts and hydrographic services of selected private cards. Vector maps are based on data MapMedia hydrographic offices or on the "Information Navionics».

1) Time Zero Technology

Thanks to Time Zero technology your software works and reacts to changes without delay. MaxSea Time Zero works counted fully three-dimensional environment, and ensures smooth operation with maps and unmatched speed. Indications on the screen is completely in sync with what can be seen from the bridge of your ship. The realism of the software will surprise even more when you're on board.

2) Continuous three-dimensional environment

You can switch from the traditional two-dimensional display of the impressive 3D-perspective with one click. Equipped with the powerful technology of Time Zero, a new three-dimensional system will completely change your navigation. Scroll, tilt, zoom in and out with smooth, fast and flawless graphics system. Navigation in a fully three-dimensional environment provides you with the real projection and a wider field of view around the vessel, allowing better planning of routes, while the Time Zero technology updates the information on the screen with little or no redraw.

3) Ergonomics and Performance

MaxSea Time Zero offers a completely innovative user interface, very easy and intuitive. Thanks to the «Work Spaces» (Workspaces) interface automatically adapts to your current navigational needs. No more complicated drop-down menus to navigate! The display only those tools that you need. MaxSea Work Spaces combines functionality with ease of use, providing a practical and personalized navigation.

4) Technology Satellite Photo Fusion

The ability to combine satellite images with maps is a unique feature of MaxSea Time Zero. You can overlay satellite photos directly on the map. Continental areas (zero depth) are absolutely transparent and display only the satellite photos of high resolution. With increasing depth of satellite imagery is becoming more transparent, and you can already see the layer underneath the map. You will always know the exact boundaries of shallow and deep water!

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