Stars: Drake, Matt Colmar, Phil Stevens, Eustus Hunt, Beau Sands, Malko, Mike Power, Duke (Bulldog XXX), Loius Vingtrois, Mukhtar Safarov
We've had Scum!, Deviants! And Sweat!. Director Maxwell B has moved to the Somerset countryside, become a farmer and is now breeding the finest cuts of Meat! Most of the 10 performers are around 30 years, muscle guys with shaved heads and tattoos. All of them horny as fuck. One guy is worth a special mention - Mukhtar Safarov, an Azerbaijani fashion model/stripper/dancer/escort who has the biggest piece of meat I have ever seen. Winner of Big Cock 2005. According to a recent QX Magazine interview his cock is 10" x 10". He's in his mid-20s, 6'2", smooth, tanned, beefy and has appeared in a number of top-notch pornos. However, he considers his work on Meat! To be his best experience to date. In a threesome with Matt and Beau he squeezes his pumped-up dick in any willing mouth as the other two fuck each other.