Collin O'Neal's World Of Men - Lebanon
Stars: Collin O'Neal, Francois Sagat, Youssef Assad, Sayid, Martin Mazza, Jacko, Samir (Collin O'Neal)
2007 Grabby Award Winner for Best Videography! Welcome to Lebanon, where days basking in the sun on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea have made these boys nice and tan and ready to fuck! This is the first ever major porn movie filmed ENTIRELY on location in the Middle East! You loved Arabesque and made it the top movie of 2006, but with Lebanon you get the REAL thing! This may very well be one of the most amazing movies of the year! Collin O'Neal and his film crew hired RSS superstar Francois Sagat to go on a trip to Lebanon to film this stunning movie just weeks before the recent war there. Other than Francois and Collin, the cast consists of guys from Lebanon and other countries of the region! None of them have ever made movies before, and most will never be seen again. This is the REAL DEAL--hot Arabian studs performing amazing sex just for you!



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