Breaking & Entering
Stars: Kyle Martin, Will Forbes, Jon Janes, Nathan Douglas, Scott Davies, Timmy Slater, Lex Blond, Damian Duke
The sex in this video is so hard, it was almost banned in the UK, and UK restrictions mean that a lot of this video was cut. This is the uncut version, and really packs a punch, with forced sex, bondage, and very hard, strong language throughout.You won't find a harder video on the market.Scene 1:Lex and Will decide to break into an office in a rundown office block early one winter evening. Just as they thought they were out and safe, the office staff return, and catch them at it.A scuffle ensues, and Will gets away, but Lex is not so lucky. He is taken back to the office and abused, in punishment for his actions.Scene 2:As if that's not enough, the office guys then tie him up and invite their mates to come round and have a go too.



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