In this wonderfully sex and nudity-filled spin-off from "Dante's Cove," the bodies of young men are turning up dead with grisly wounds to their necks. All clues lead to a private gentlemen’s club where men's darkest desires are fulfilled. Star Dylan Vox is also known as Brad Benton for you porn fans!

Nothing like "Dante's Cove," "The Lair" is addictive entertainment in its own right. It's plot heavy and not as nudity-packed as its producers would like you to believe. The program, originally aired on Here!, is well-produced and acted with a direction towards camp. The stars are all hot, and it's nice to see Colton Ford with a role that requires shirt and pants. And guess what? He does a great job!
In a small island town young "John Doe" bodies are showing up naked, drained of blood with neck wounds. Thom is a journalist for the local island paper who gets a tip that an exclusive sex club called "The Lair" is somehow involved in the murders. It's a dark place where men are accepted by invitation only. The filmmakers take us into the club and show us an orgy and a death by vampire. The death was after a delightful sex scene that somehow skirted showing us any genitalia. Deliciously grissly, the club disposes of the body and we learn that "The Lair" is run by bloodthirsty vampires always on the prowl for fresh meat. Thom follows up on the lead and finds himself ensnared in the fangs of some pretty mean gay vampires. We were given only 2 episodes and we can't wait for more bloody erotic treats!

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