XLN Audio Addictive Drums v.1.1.1 & Retro addon Bundle | 2.85 Gb

All in one: XLN Audio Addictive Drums + update to version 1.1.1 + extension Retro ADpak. To install the updates and extensions are not required: cracks, serial, translate hours ago, and other tricks.

XLN Audio Addictive Drums v.1.1.1 & Retro addon Bundle (VSTi / RTAS / AU) 1 DVD includes
- XLN Audio Addictive Drums
- XLN Audio Retro ADpak
Addictive Drums (hereinafter AD) - a "ready-made drum studio. It includes 3 complete sets, as well as lots of additional drums and cymbals. Samples contain all the nuances of attacks: from the weakest to the strongest, as well as many variants of attacks (eg, hihat -12 variations, snare - 6). All sampled sounds of drums / cymbals recorded in multi-channel microphone setup, as well as would have been recorded real drums.


Sonor Designer (Kick, Snare, 5 toms).
DW Collector's Series (Kick, Snare, 5 toms).
Tama Starclassic (Kick, Snare, 3 toms).
Extras: Pearl Signature Ferrrone snare, Pearl Masterworks Piccolo snare, Pearl Masterworks kick.
Cymbals (Sabian & Paiste): 3 Hihats, 9 Crashes, 3 Splashes & 2 Chinas.
Sound in AD is easily formed in the section sampler. Controls for volume and pitch (with envelopes), levels (balance settings, levels of Close, Overhead and Room for each element of the set) and filter (for example, for a cut in the bottom hihats) provide ample opportunity to adjust the sound: from small adjustments to complete overhauls.
Quick access to 12-channel mixer, 52, and two Insert effects, reverb.
The supplied presets make it easier to work with different styles and allow you to save and reuse the drum set in the new compositions. You can create folders with custom presets, which will immediately appear in the menu Preset.
An extensive library of MIDI files readily available in various styles to quickly create drum tracks. Built-in browser is equipped with search function by keyword ( "Ride", "Metal"), or sort by Category, BPM, Time signature. You can drag the files you liked in your Favorites list or directly to the host application window.
AD - is a multi-channel plug-in: Each mixer channel if necessary, may be directed to a separate output.

Sampler. For each element of the set:

Solo / Mute Main Level Overhead Level Pan / Width Room Level Pan / Width Mode "Single Sample" Main Pitch OH / Room Pitch Offset Pitch Envelope (w velocity mod) Amp Envelope HiPass / LoPass Filter
Effects. For each channel:
Compressor Dist (4 algos, selectable bandwidth) EQ (3 band) Saturating Limiter
Master and Bus channels additionally include:
Tape Saturation HiPass / LoPass Filter Built Reverbs: 4 algorithms (Ambience, Room, Hall, Plate) Decay Time, Predelay, Damping 2 band EQ Pan / Width control


Includes more than 100 presets in a wide range of styles, from Pure Acoustic Pop to Metal, Funk and Distorted Electronica Mayhem.
Preset categories include:
Clean, Distorted, Electronica, LoFi, PopRock (Big), PopRock (Medium), PopRock (Dry), Retro, Rock, Soft, Xperimental.
MIDI library:
More than 3000 beats and fills in various styles such as Pop / Rock, Metal, Funk, Jazz, etc. Basic Kick Snare styles with variations for each, such as "8th Hihat" "w Ghostnotes" "4th Ride" etc. There are also "Songs", contains 4 cycles of variations Verse/Bridge/Chorus/Middle8.

Retro ADpak

3 Ludwig Kits
60s Pop Kit / Heavy 70s Kit / Vistalite Kit
70 Presets
Clean Kits / Heavy Rock / Modern / Motown / PopRock / RetroMental
1300 MIDI Files
60s Rock Grooves / Heavy Rock Grooves / Motown Beats / Motown Swing Beats / Rock'n'Roll Grooves

ADD To Your Addiction!
Retro is the first ADpak expansion for Addictive Drums and features three classic Ludwig drum sets from the 60s and 70s with cymbals from Paiste and Sabian. The drums were recorded in Studios 301 Stockholm in a big recording room with a rich ambience. Retro expands the Addictive Drums library and allows you to mix and match between the original drums and the new vintage kits. Retro also includes cowbells, tambourines and hand claps.
Retro is great for a vintage sound with presets inspired by classic songs. But you can also use the modern presets for an up-to-date sound full of character. Or turn to the RetroMental soundbank for a chance to hear the Ludwig kits like you've never heard them before. With the Retro ADpak you get over 1300 midi loops and 70 presets that will get you groovin 'in Motown, banging your head to booming heavy Rock, and tunin' out to psychedelic Rock'n'Roll!

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