SideFX Houdini Master v12.0.572 (X32-X64) Windows

SideFX Houdini Master v12.0.572 (X32-X64) Windows | 432MB
32 & 64 Bit Windows
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Houdini Master is a full-featured 3D animation and visual effects software renowned for its particle and dynam-ics tools. Houdini Master is perfect for visual effects artists, technical directors and CG supervisors who want to experience total control over their pipeline.

About Houdini
The Houdini family of animation software offers digital artists an unprecedented level of power, flexibility and control based on award-winning procedural technology. The comprehensive feature set includes: modeling, rigging, animation, particle effects, dynamics, compositing, integrated rendering, and more. All Houdini applications work together seamlessly and are available for the Mac OS X, Linux and Windows operating systems.