Advanced Design System 2011 2011.10 | 1.80 GB

The system design of ADS (Advanced Design System) helps engineers solve the multifaceted task of developing facilities, which include devices with mixed (analog and digital) signals from high frequencies to DC. When equipped with a variety of effective means of design offered by Agilent, the development team has the ability to quickly explore different ideas and then simulate the electrical and physical characteristics of the most promising proposals.
ADS allows you to analyze the flow of data in digital processing or distribution of the signal in the analog / RF path. You can make some steps in developing high-frequency part up to the physical implementation with ADS, and then move the process on other means of automated
design (EDA) from other manufacturers. ADS combines the possibility of developing a variety of devices from cell phones and pagers to wireless networks and radar systems.
Extras. Information:
Advanced Design System (ADS) 2011.01, ADS 2011.05, and ADS 2011.10 provide the following new capabilities:
ADS 2011.01 includes:
Multi-Technology Co-Design - the industry's first and only true multi-technology design environment
High Speed ??Digital - IBIS-AMI SerDes model simulation and the industry's first Power Integrity solution for heavily perforated power ground planes
Integrated Electromagnetic Solvers - for faster, more accurate simulations; and a new use model that makes it easier to setup and run 3D planar and full 3D electromagnetic simulations
New Load Pull Data Controller - from load pull data to design and simulation in a couple of clicks
New Layout Improvements - layout capacity and performance to handle growing complexity
Dozens of other improvements - including re-designed icons for layout and command menus, linear simulation speedup, broader data display capability, and improved transmission line models
ADS 2011.05 builds upon the ADS 2011.01 release. In addition to the ADS 2011.01 capabilities listed above, ADS 2011.05 adds:
Simulation performance improvement for large X-parameter files - A new model reduction feature enables you to improve performance when simulating with X-parameters.
Printing and PDF output improvements - A number of improvements to printing for Schematic, Layout, and Data Display.
One-click HSPICE encryption - Simplifies generation of IP-protected IC models.
GDSII Export - Simplified and automated layer mapping capability.
Gerber Union Support - For customers who still require W2322 Gerber Union Element in their design flow.
Note: As of ADS 2009 Update 1, Gerber Import was included with W2321 ADS Layout (and E8902). Users should evaluate ADS Gerber Import for suitability to replace Gerber Union.
Solaris Support - Support for 64-bit versions of Solaris 10.
Customer Input - Over 160 customer requested improvements and enhancements.
ADS 2011.10 builds upon the ADS 2011.05 release and includes:
EM Simulation Improvements - Single substrate definition for both FEM and Momentum; Simplified multi-technology definition; 2X speed improvement with new FEM multi-threaded iterative solver
Circuit Simulation Improvements - 4X improvement to Linear Simulation performance for tuning and sweeps; New updated models; Improved Load Pull DesignGuide
Design Documentation Notebook - Easier to create and share project documentation including schematics, layout, data displays; Supports PDF and post script format
Completely Redesigned Help System - Much faster, easier document browsing, expanded content, new application guides
PCB Import Improvements - Improved ODB + + Import; New Net Explorer simplifies the finding and isolating key nets for EM simulation
Improvements for High Speed ??Digital - Redriver / Retimer Models for the HSD Channel Simulator; Faster Via modeling in Momentum; Support for IBIS Series models

Year / Date: 2011
Version: 2011.10 Build 600
Developer: Agilent Technologies Inc.
Web Developer:
Bit depth: 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7 full time
Language: English
Medicine: Present
System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7 supported PC
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