uTorrent (AdFree) 3.5.5 Build 46514 Stable Portable by A1eksandr1

Interface language: Russian, English

Treatment: not required

System requirements:
Windows Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 | eleven

Description: µTorrent is a fast, convenient, free and compact torrent client. The µTorrent client is one of the most functional solutions for working with the BitTorrent network today. The program combines optimal functionality with a small size. Supports work regardless of the tracker, allows you to download multiple files at once, has a configurable bandwidth, fast recovery of interrupted downloads and much more.
Program features:
• uTorrent supports parallel downloads;
• Rationally uses the channel width and allows you to customize it;
• Built-in scheduler uTorrent manages tasks;
• uTorrent has the ability to prioritize traffic and adjust the speed;
• Has the function of quick stop and resume downloads;
• uTorrent supports UPnP and NAT-PMP as well as popular protocol extensions;
• Has low RAM consumption and small program size;
• Supports reading RSS feeds and downloading torrent announcements;
• Interacts with other clients without the need for a main tracker (DHT);
• uTorrent supports protocol encryption;
• Interface uTorrent has support for changing themes and the ability to translate into other languages;
• uTorrent has built-in remote control via the HTTP protocol, using the web interface (WebUI);
• uTorrent works in all versions of Windows operating systems;
• It is also possible to use uTorrent on Linux using Wine.

Portable Features:
The distribution was made in an unpacked form, since the assembly contains 2 empty "stub" folders (apps, updates). To update the previous version of the build with saving your settings and distributions, save the torrents directory and the resume.dat, settings.dat files

New (2020-2022):
01. Updated uTorrent.exe to
02. New application icon integrated into exe.
03. Updated flags.conf: 2021-07-18, V228.a by schnurlos.
04. Replaced uTorrent.lng with m0nkrus version.
05. Update of uTorrent.exe from the program servers is blocked.
06. Update of uTorrent.lng from the program servers is blocked.
07. Blocked by TronTv.com.
08. Blocked by Live.tv.
09. Blocked the link to the poll in the toolbar (settings.dat+/uTorrent.exe?).
10. The list of free announcers for creating distributions has been updated, 15 workers who have not been banned in the RKN have been selected.
11. Added a list of 15 popular torrent trackers for quick search of distributions (almost all banned by RKN) [2020y].
12. Slightly redesigned current.btskin skin (icons).
13. Removed "Playback" column (settings.dat).
14. Removed "Playback" tab (settings.dat).
15. Added Cleaner.exe to remove *.torrent missing from resume.dat.
No other interventions were made.

01. Disabled all adware, sections with ad modules, info window about Plus/Pro version, other...
02. Disabled loading of Recommended, apps (packages, applications, recommended content).
03. Patched license check for Plus/Pro version, disabled all banner ads.
04. The list of devices is not filled when adding a torrent (ManHunter PCL).
05. The minimum allowable period for updating RSS feeds (rss.update_interval) has been reduced from 5 minutes to 1.
06. Transitions to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter have been removed.
07. Classic DHT patch ["Enable DHT"/"Peer Exchange"/"Local Peer Discovery"] (file sharing without tracker).
08. All translations except for Russian and English have been removed from the last uTorrent.lng language file as of September 18, 2022.
(Versions 3.2.3 / 3.3.0 /3.3.2 use a high-quality language module from Kuzmich / m0nkrus, for which we thank them)
09. Also added the settings.dat file, when launched with this file, the client will be portable.
10. And alternative icons/flags/ip-countries current.btskin/flags.bmp/flags.conf (skin from AngelNet).
11. The following parameters are set in settings.dat:
anoninfo=0 - do not send anonymous usage information
autostart=0 - disable autoloading
bt.allow_same_ip - allow multiple connections from the same IP
bt.enable_pulse=0 - disable the upper additional panel with
bt ads. read_only_on_complete=0 - do not set the read-only attribute on downloaded files
check_assoc_on_start=0 - do not check associations with *.torrent files
confirm_when_deleting=1 - prompt when deleting torrents
confirm_exit - prompt when exiting the program
confirm_exit_critical_seeder=1 - prompt when exiting if you are the only seed
confirm_remove_tracker=1 - prompt when removing trackers
check_update=0 - disable auto-update to stable versions
check_update_beta=0 - disable auto-update to beta versions
diskio.mark_of_the_web=0 - do not attach AltDS to uploaded files in FS NTFS
distributed_share.enable=0 - This option enables the participation in distributed backups
;mainwnd_split_x=205 - width of the left panel
minimize_to_tray=1 - minimize to the notification area
close_to_tray=1 - close to the notification area
notify_complete=1 - pop-up notification
offers.content_offer_autoexec= 0 - disable ads 0
offers.left_rail_offer_enabled=0 - disable ad display 1
offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled=0 - disable ad display 2
offers.featured_content_url=0 - disable ad display 3
offers.upgrade_toolbar=0 - disable upgrade
gui button .alternate_color=1 - alternate the background color of the list
gui.show_devices - do not display the list of devices
gui.show_notorrents_node=0 - disable the content search service when there are no tasks
gui.show_plus_upsell=0 - disable the bottom left window about the version plus
gui.show_status_icon_in_dl_list=1 - display status-arrows
gui.cat_all_expanded=1 - Expand the list of torrent categories
gui.category_list_spaces=0 - Collapse the list of categories
gui.find_pane=0 - Do not display the application bar
gui.granular_priority=1 - Digital priority list
gui.limits_in_statusbar=1 - Speed ​​limits in the
gui status bar .speed_in_title=1 - current download/upload speed in window title
gui.show_plus_av_upsell=0 - don't show information about antivirus
gui.show_plus_conv_upsell=0 - don't show information about converter
gui.show_plus_upsell_nodes=0 - don't show additional apps of Plus version
gui.onboarding =0 - do not display streaming information
show_bundles_tab=0 - add. tab do not show recommended content
show_logger_tab=1 - add. tab
show_pieces_tab=1 - add. bookmark
show_playback_tab=0 - add. tab do not display player
show_related_tab=1 - add. bookmark
show_updates_tab=1 - add. bookmark
sys.prevent_standby=1 - disable sleep mode
runs_since_born=3 - set the run counter
tracker_last=... added list of free announcers when creating new distributions
ct_hist_flags=5 - preserve file order when creating distributions
prealloc_space=1 - distribute all files at once when adding distribution (reserve a place)
dir_torrent_files_flag=1 - save *.torrent files to a separate directory
dir_torrent_files=torrents - directory name for parameter dir_torrent_files_flag=1
streaming.preview_player=Default Media Player - default media player streaming.playback_player=Default Media Player - default media
player multimedia
sst=0 - do not display poll
search_list=... - added a list of popular trackers to start searching for distributions on them
is_search_filtering=1 - activation of the filter of the list of distributions
search_list_sel=17 - the 17th category is selected by default: filter of the list of distributions
12. Added uTorrentMultiple.bat - launching a second copy of the client while it is already running.
13. Added PagePriority1.reg - lowering the priority of access to RAM.
14. Starting from versions 3.4.3, the background color for the active line of the list of torrents has been changed using the weqyz method.

Download Details:
Ext: txt, exe, bmp, ico, lng, bat, reg, dat, chm, conf, btskin
Parts: 1
Size: 2.84 MB

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