Garmin Rom - Bul - Hun - Mol - Ukr NT 2013.10 Unlocked IMG - FiLELiST

Garmin Rom-Bul-Hun-Mol-Ukr NT 2013.10 Unlocked IMG-FiLELiST | 1.70 GB

Garmin supports opening files of 4 cards at once, but they should only have allowed the program name:

Gmapbmap.img - basemap, resolve issues with errors routing over long distances, as well as a route through a few cards
Gmapsupp.img - your map
Gmapsup2.img - your other card
Gmapprom.img - your other card

IMPORTANT: Make a backup of your old map, before inserting the new Map!
If you have an old map installed on the MicroSD/SD CARD, format and insert the New Map. (Format Fat/Fat32)

1. Extract from the archive, copy gmapsupp and paste into MicroSD/SD Card 2/4 Gb. (2 Sufficient)

Turn on your GPS should now load the map...or else go to settings of your GPS map and put the check mark on the map loads Rom-Bul-Hun-Mol-Ukr NT 2013.10 Unlocked IMG.part1.rar.htm Rom-Bul-Hun-Mol-Ukr NT 2013.10 Unlocked IMG.part2.rar.htm


Mirror 2:

Mirror 3: