2GIS/Dubl GIS 2.1 + Reference

2GIS/Dubl GIS 2.1 + Reference | 1.23 GB

Take GIS 2.1 - The report contains detailed maps of the forty-two cities in Russia and Ukraine, with routes and bus stops, as well as other important objects.

One of the features of the program is the availability of detailed information about the organizations existing in the database for each city with their contact details. The quality and reliability of available reference data is confirmed by the growing number of users, which has now reached eight million. It is also important and that the information contained in the handbook, do not require a network connection that is available offline. Take 2.1 GIS software must be installed on any phone, who is running Symbian OS, Android or Windows Mobile. The availability of a convenient reference a single system allows the user to search multiple hand movements to find the necessary information about the object of any importance, and to call the number found by any organization out of the application does not need to - just one click.

In the directory there is a very useful feature that allows you to display the location of the phone anywhere in the city, and even if the phone does not support GPS. User Location is projected to a full 3D-card, which supports the soft colors and transparency. This feature can be used for laying the shortest route: the program automatically updates the map while moving in real time.