MenuBar ReArranger 1.2 Mac OSX

MenuBar ReArranger 1.2 Mac OSX | 695.82 kB

MenuBar ReArranger tries to provide a solution to the problem of how to rearrange third-party menu items, the ones that cannot normally be moved, though doing so, as much as possible, within Apples current official Public API.
How are these icons normally arranged by the system
First one loaded and allocated in the Menu bar will be the first one on the right. The next one loaded and allocated will be on the left of the previous one. And so on... At Login, the order in the login items list is not sufficient to guarantee the order in the menu bar. Basically, the order is not based on the App to be loaded first, but on the icon of this App to be allocated first in the Menu bar.

How To Use MenuBar ReArranger:
MenuBar ReArranger come as a tiny separator bar icon in your Menu Bar. Click on this separator icon and select Manage Items

When the Manage Items window open, MenuBar ReArranger will have pre-populated the list with your items detected in the Menu Bar.
Add or Remove items. Re-arrange the order as you want and then press the button ReArrange Items in Menu Bar.
Voila! Your Menu items order in the Menu Bar is now as you wanted it to be.

How does MenuBar ReArranger work under the hood
MenuBar ReArranger will reload your items as per your list, and in the same order. During loading, MenuBar ReArranger will check that the item has allocated his space in the menu bar, before to load the next one. MenuBar ReArranger can wait, up to 20 seconds, if your items is not allocated before to load the next one. This to make sure that, 99% of the time, your order is respected. Why not 100% If an item is taking an insane amount of time (more than 20secs) before allocating his menubar space, it will not guaranty to be in order.

NB: Today the system doesnt provide a native way to re-arrange these third party menu bar items. MenuBar ReArranger just try to fill this gap as much as it can with the current public API. Type 1 and Type 2 icons area cannot be mixed-up, with the current APIs. Type 2 area is always on the left of Type1 area.

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