Sound Refinery Studio Seven Drums KONTAKT

Sound Refinery Studio Seven Drums KONTAKT | 633MB

Icludes close mic and overhead samples, with full control over individual levels, comression and ambience. S7D was painstakingly recorded in a professional studio, using tube preamps and a selection of top quality microphones.

Feature list:
- 24 bit / 44.1 stereo samples
- Up to 24 velocity layers per drum
- Fully customisable Kontakt instruments, featuring GUI and scripts for controlling Close mic and Room Mic levels, Compression, EQ and Saturation for each instrument.
- Individual instruments feature optimised EQ section
- Convolution reverb control for each instrument, including FX level and IR
- Separate snare articulations (Ghosts / Ruffs / Rolls / Flams /Snare Off) and cymbal hits (chokes / hats closing etc)
- Separate level control for snare bottom mic
- Individual compression On/Off button and full controls for each drum
- Saturation control for extra warmth and punch
- Stereo / Mono button for extra mixing flexibility
- Fully mapped across 88 keys
- Over 1,000 individual samples