SolidWorks Plastics 2012 SP3.0 x86 + x64 [2012, ENG]

SolidWorks Plastics 2012 SP3.0 x86 + x64 [2012, ENG] | 288MB

The company Dassault Systemes announced a new line of modules SolidWorks. These are the tools of analysis of processes in the manufacture of plastic parts by molding to injection molding machines SolidWorks Plastics.Of course, the new modules work in SolidWorks directly from its model, providing designers and planners of the final products of molds easy to use tool to quickly optimize a part or all of its process parameters forming in accordance with the requirements for product quality. Ability to address issues of technological products in the early stages of the design details of the performance guarantee one hundred percent of the mold, it eliminates the possibility of improvements on the results of the tests improves the quality of manufactured parts. In turn, the knowledge base module SolidWorks Plastics helps the user to quickly decide on the direction of necessary changes in part geometry and process parameters for the early achievement of desired results.

In Foundations of the new modules are SolidWorks technology company SIMPOE SAS, not the first decade of operating systems on the market analysis of the processes of manufacture of plastic products.

"In many industries, especially in the production of consumer goods and packaging, plastics are used throughout. Fair share of our clients work with plastics and uses in the manufacture of molds. We are confident that they will appreciate the efficiency of SolidWorks Plastics »- said Mingini Monica (Monica Menghini), Executive Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations (Executive Vice President, Marketing, Industry & Corp Communication) Dassault Systemes. "We offer fast, accurate and easy to use tool to manage the process of product design and tooling based on calculations of processes in the manufacture of the product."

SolidWorks Plastics will be offered in two versions - SolidWorks Plastics Professional for designers of plastic products and SolidWorks Plastics Premium for designers and manufacturers of injection molds.

Developer: Simpoe / SolidWorks
Web Developer:
Bit depth: 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7 full time
Language: English
Medicine: Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)

System Requirements:
SolidWorks 2012 SP0.0 Ustanovlennny or higher

The composition distribution
_SolidSQUAD_ - A folder with the license
SolidSQUAD.nfo - the release notes
SolidWorks_Plastics_2012_SP03_x64.exe - 64-bit installer
SolidWorks_Plastics_2012_SP03_x86.exe - 32-bit installer
SWPlastics2012_InstallAndLicensingGuide.pdf - Guide for installation and licensing


In this release developers to in a hurry were not invested samples and normal reference, because the procedure of looking at the video on YouTube and screenshots.
In short, to check on the detail poured, you must:
A. Open Tree SolidWorks Plastics, select Solid, right-click, then select the drop-down menu, click Auto.
Two. Do the same with the menu Shell.
Three. Consistently model the carts (runners) from a sketch (if required), choose the material, machine, pouring rate and other parameters.
4. At the end of Gate Selection MUST select and install gates.
Five. Then you can select the Flow + Pack + Warp from the menu Run.