k-1181 - Beast Complete 9 a

Name: k1181-pornfreeasian.wmv
Duration: 01:49:47
Filesize: 1237 MB

Description : This dvd is another BEAST classic. The DVD starts w/ a hunk sitting on a chair topless showing all his muscles. A guy then shows up giving the hunk a delicious blow job until the guy sitting cums. In the next scene a hunk started to strip and put down his shorts showing his yummy ass. He performs a split showing his crotch then proceeded to a bed and laid down. The guy from the 1st scene appears again and gave this hunk a blow job. On the other scene, a guy in business attire was jacking off looking at a magazine in a sofa, suddenly a the mysterious guy from the 1st and 2nd scene appears again and gave this guy a blowjob until he cums. On the next scene, a muscle man in black trunks is showing of his muscles, suddenly this mysterious guy from the other scenes on shaeds appears again and started to seduce this muscle man. The muscle man then laid the mysterious guy to the ground and fucked him in the mouth.