VAG VAS PC v19.01 English (Updated 03.5.2012)

VAG VAS PC v19.01 English (Updated 03.5.2012) | 10.06 GB

VAS-PC is a vehicle diagnostic, measuring and information system for VAG cars (Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda). It is an alternative to VAG-COM, but the software contains much more functions than the VAG-COM. It is used with VAS hardware device. To work with software you will need VAS 505x (5051B, 5052x, 5054, 5055, 6150) and PC/Laptop.
Quick Install Instructions:

1. Use any S/W for Virtual CD-DVD Rom's (Suggestion: PowerISO),
create 1 Virtual CD-DVD Rom and mount the Base CD. Start your Installation
and follow the screen Instructions...
2. Reboot your machine
3. Run-Install VAG VAS-PC HotFix For Version 19.00 OR for 19.01
4. Run VAS-PC wait a little bit and then close it. Re-Run it and then OK
5. Go to Administration and put your details in Workshop Code option,
1) 123 Then Q 2) 12345 Then Q 3) Whatever name you want,
it has to be in 2 lines then Q
(Also about the Numbers use whatever you think or you want...)
6. Close VAS-PC!
7. Un-Mount the Base CD and also DISABLE your Virtual CD-DVD Rom!
8. Go to Device Manager & DISABLE your NATIVE CD-DVD Rom!
9. Now create again 1 Virtual CD-DVD Rom & mount 1st VW Brand CD
10. Run VAS-PC, go to Administration and Click Install/Update CD
11. Wait Installation to finish. Then mount the Audi Brand CD, Install/Update CD
and so on with all the other Brand CD's...
12. When you finish with all the Brand CD's, disable your Virtual CD-DVD Rom,
go again to Device Manager & ENABLE your Native CD-DVD Rom!

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