ALT Linux LXDesktop 6.0 RC2 Standard

ALT Linux LXDesktop 6.0 RC2 Standard | 2.43 GB

ALTLinux LXDEsktop 6.0 - a version of ALT Linux distribution with a set of lightweight software-based platform for the sixth and windowing environment LXDE. The main idea of ??the command ALT Linux Team, headed by Radik Yusupov - the creation of undemanding to resources of the computer distribution for both home and corporate use.

ALTLinux LXDEsktop contains a LiveCD, which will meet with the distribution, to understand the degree of support for hardware in your computer or laptop. If the distribution is likely to appeal, you can install or Live-mode or after a reboot, select the corresponding menu item.

Title: ALT Linux LXDesktop 6.0 RC2 Standard
Publication Type: SPO
Purpose: Operating System
Developer: Radik Yusupov and ALT Linux Team
Year: 2012
Platform: PC x86_64
Version: 6.0.0 RC2
Language: Russian + English
Tablet: not required
System Requirements: RAM 512 Mb, 10 Gb hard drive
Installation Instructions: Save the image on a hybrid DVD-ROM or USB-flash drive and boot from it.