Lumion sp2 build 7 (basic) x86 2011 Lumion sp2 build 7 (basic) x86 2011 [CENTER] Lumion sp2 build 7 (basic) x86 2011 | 4.1 GB Lumion is a real-time 3D visualization tool for architects, urban planners and designers. It?s perfectly suited for creating videos, still renderings and live demonstrations with a quick turnaround. Year / Release Date : 2011 Version : sp2 Build 7 Developer : lumion3d Web Developer : Bit : 32bit Vista Compatibility : Unknown Language : English Crack : Not required System Requirements : Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 NVidia GeForce 8800 or similar ATI / AMD - NVIDIA 260GTX / ATI 5850 Description : Bug fixes: - Removed unnecessary reflections on the cars. - Billboards are rendered properly again. - is now possible to illuminate all surfaces in the "Edit materials "without moving the camera (?). - Shift + Move is now working at the animation of objects. - 3D view of the section no longer covers the Photo saved presets the camera. - The Power of Smooth edges -> Sub pixel will now work predictably (?) - The end of an animation camera now smoother than before. - Ambient occlusion Shadows (SSAO) improved. - The process of "baking" - baking, which optimizes the rendering process for a set of similar objects is much improved. - Thumbnails saved scene is no longer deformed. - The value of pitch (tilt) of materials no longer set to = 1 by default. - Slider Depth Offset Color material in more time does not affect the slider Overbright. - end position (end position) animate objects can now be installed again without changing the prospects of the camera (?). - Models are no longer disappear when the window is resized Lumion. - Fixed some typos in the interface. - Edit Materials -> "Escape" will no longer cause effects on the same object sluduyuschy editing (?). - Shortcut Key 3 is no longer opens the Material Editor. - Choice of models are aligned no longer gets Stuck (?). - the camera angle switches are no longer with the introduction of "0" on the sliders. - Color Effects -> Fade in / out now 100% Black. - 2D silhouettes now scale correctly. - Escape (Adv. Move) -> Move + SHIFT now works predictably. - Teleport people / trees will no longer occur when using the effect of "Animate objects". - The exhibition will be no more spikes (spike?) Lumion window when rendering movie. Added or changed: - When you F9 all the trees and plants are rendered with a better level of detail (level of detail), so it's easy to see where you need to add them to the scene. - You can now place objects much farther from the center of the stage. - Improved grass in Build 6. - Level The default effect "Noise" is changed. - Improved reflections on the cars. - Sample Scene Alpine Dwelling updated. - Positioning the slider "Overbright" reduced to 5 pixels in the color palettes. - The effects of "God rays" and "Motion blur" moved to the Scene panel Effects. - New "Show Layer" effect with keyframes added, so you can now see the show the various stages of scene objects in one clip. - Smoothing the edges of the films dramatically improved thanks to new effect, "Smooth edges", which replaced the old "MLAA" effect. This effect is ideal for rendering movies with 2-star quality (no worse than 3-star). - Package updated with new palm trees, coral, water lilies and grass. - Imported Objects in Documents / Lumion / Library can now be placed in manually created folders. - Movie section -> Image Clip: PNG / TGA / DDS Files Are Shown now in the Open file window. - Adjusted the sun and in the slider cubemap effect "Cloud settings". - Fire particle effect is now brighter than the default. - "Focal length" is now included in the film effects with keyframes. Extras. Information : Just unpack. They say the problem just with God rays. Support for old video cards. Read more: Lumion sp2 build 7 (basic) x86 2011 B?n dang sao chép bài vi?t này t? Softvnn. Vui lòng ghi rõ ngu?n Softvnn.Com khi dang duy?t bài vi?t này!
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