About Siemens PLM Software About Siemens PLM Software About Siemens PLM Software Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division, is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services with 6.7 million licensed seats and more than 69,500 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Siemens PLM Software works collaboratively with companies to deliver open solutions that help them turn more ideas into successful products. Overview NX is a next-generation digital product development system that helps companies transform the product lifecycle. With the industry's broadest suite of integrated, fully associative CAD/CAM/CAE applications, NX touches the full range of development processes in product design, manufacturing and simulation. NX provides a complete suite of integrated process automation tools to enable companies to capture and reuse product and process knowledge encouraging the use of corporate best practice. Enhancements to NX 8 in the area of product design include more powerful and efficient modeling, drafting and validation solutions along with expanded HD3D support for better design decisions. - New ???part modules??? technology simplifies modeling and editing of complex designs, allowing users to subdivide designs into functional elements that support concurrent development by multiple designers. - Expanded HD3D and design validation tools provide enhanced interaction, more powerful reporting and enriched visual presentation of PLM information from more sources. Standard HD3D features now provide a visually rich and more flexible feedback environment to help users quickly locate, diagnose and fix problems, ensuring designs comply with standards and fulfill requirements. - Synchronous technology enhancements make it simpler and easier to modify models and handle a wider range of geometric modeling problems, while new capabilities have been added for feature-based modeling, sheet metal, patterning, freeform design, routed systems, visualization and more. - Feature modeling in NX 8 has received several enhancements including more flexibility and control in creating patterns. More pattern layouts can be created including linear, polygon, along, reference and circular spiral, and users can now fill specified boundaries with a pattern feature, create symmetric patterns in linear layout and much more. Fixed Problem Reports in NX Expressions (p's) are not deleted when imported solid is deleted Cannot find why a particular part is trying to be opened in context of assembly Problems with UGI__MASK in dxfdwg.def: exporting all types instead of selected Changing Group_Role setting in NX may result in Error message Mapping character font does not work correctly Reference only component is not recognized opening precise assembly NoteCollection does not return notes with leader (Labels) MOVE component performance is very poor Gap in leader for Multi-line GD&T when leader coming from Right Holes not displayed PRO: Label and LabelCollection deprecated in NX6 PRO: uc1600 from KF fails with "DLG__ask_header sent dialog (-1) out of range" Large background in the section view tool on Linux and Mac The Point Constructor does not catch the correct position in perspective The specified expression variable doesn't exist error when opening assembly Should be possible to apply different configuration settings during a nx session Additional lines appear when exporting flat patterns to DWG CAM: PR - RMU update Turning - Milling - Turning does not work correct ZLevel 5 Axis operation can only be used in the MCS Z+ direction File not found reported having cancelled Part Family Spreadsheet creation TRA: UGto2d with option USE_EXTRACTED_EDGES leads to missing centerline 2dexchange translator doesn't export tracelines Component move_spline degenerates after mating conversion PRO: Running Journal puts NX Session into Gateway once CAM was entered Unable to convert mating to constraints (undo performed) Mating conversion changes spline path shape Electrical routing path lengths change when assembly constraints are converted Routing plugin for "cut elbow name" with TC fails Unable to add a component in an assembly PRO: Journaling records deprecated PmiLabel class while editing PMI notes Cannot reassociate retained Legacy Surface Finish Symbols in NX7.5 CAD: Feature playback failed in NX7.5 TRA: ugto2d: Additional unwanted splines in flat pattern view Components moved after using Convert Mating Condition Error during synchronization process between target part and source part PVM6.0.134 fix: Geometry linker increases file size abnormally Open file its marked as modified Center assembly constraint results in extremely long solver time View of Part: Flat Pattern view doesn't update after Replace Component Members remain constrained after deleting array definition Cyrillic symbols are not displayed correctly in Define Title Block CRITICAL PR: Several models got corrupted due to removed faces Connected face finder in Weld Point creation doesn't find all faces FEM update fails in 8.0.0 - similar as ir1866242 but no stitch receipe here Weld Assistant: No overlap will be created when Reference Sheet option Overlap Mesh mating condition can not be deleted CSE fanuc : circular motions are wrong Linked datum planes in suppressed component are marked as out-of-date Assy's and Components still marked as modified after saving and re-opening Import into TC using log file not support different Item type numbering rule Errors during Update Face colors displayed incorrectly if loading assembly using Lightweight Cannot add third Electrode Drawing in NX8 beyond EDM and CNC JT export and import of datum features Formboard orient branch angle from ref. vector gives incorrect results CAM: Error message during generation a translated operation Moldwizard Pocket, Failed to find a valid start face to create symbolic thread Cable port extension arrow is not available Java Remoting Client hangs after execution of NXOpen .Net program Error message when activate the PMI dimensioning,cylindrical dimension, in vie IPW- holes appear in faceted in NX7.5 were not there in NX6 TC Group change in NX SYS: expression error in NX7 on WIN7 64bit Drawing & Sheet become "Out-of-date" after adding an Independent Detail View Wave linked bodies are in wrong orientation when file is opened Pattern Feature fails within Part Module Class attribute type string array, save as new item raises Internal Error Cannot merge Part Modules Create dimensions result in hangup with Lion (Mac OS X 10.7.2) PR 6608781 - Not fixed in NX8 MP: Assembly continuously flagged "Modified" having assigned assembly constraint Convert Mating Conditions created incorrect Points for Spline Path Internal error when using the GRIP command DLATT ISV; animation speed is very slow with multiple FIXTURE components selected NX7.5 Cavity Mill - Trochoidal; problem with initial engage TcAE Item and Item Rev. do not get the attribute Part Name from NX See P.T Problem in assign the item id during save-as Corruption encountered in polygon body Problem with changing parameters UserDefinedWeldBuilder loop fails with 'A deleted or invalid class id was used' Importing ProE file cause Visible Only layer to switched to invisible Hydrotatic pressure definition generates a free memory storage issue UFRoute.AskConnectionPorts not wrapped correctly Customer Defaults part name versions, an error occurs while opening an assembly UDF - Explosion creates multiple feature groups Replace Component in Array result in lost components and broken constraint PRO: Signal 11 error trying to insert User defined block (UDB) ..........and more. Name: Siemens PLM NX Version: 32bit & 64bit Update Creator: www.plm.automation.siemens.com Interface: multilanguage OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven System Requirements: Siemens PLM NX 8.0 or NX 8.0.1 (SSQ Release) to be preinstalled Size: 770.0 mb & 1.0 Gb
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