Studio Cat Purrrfect Drums KONTAKT (Repost)

Studio Cat Purrrfect Drums KONTAKT | 1.16 Gb

Purrrfect Drums is the real solution to your midi drum track headaches. Provides all of the nuance and expressiveness of a real drummer in your studio without all of the difficulties associated with recording acoustic drums. These finely detailed samples were recorded with world-class mics, preamps, and A/D converters (i.e.: AKG C24, GML preamps, Swissonic AD96 A/D converters). Pro-level drums and cymbals were hand-picked for recording of these samples, such as Yamaha Recording Custom, Ayotte, DW, Premier, and Pearl, and Zildjian, Paiste, and Sabian cymbals. Each articulation consists of 16 velocity cross-switch samples, and is allowed to decay fully and naturally into the noise floor. To give you an idea of how extensive the library is, there is over 1/2 hour of ride cymbal decay, as well as 17 hi-hat articulations.
::: NOTE :::
This came in GIG format, and was SO HUGE, due in part to way to many duplicated files. So, I gave it the good once over, and redone alotta mapping; But it all came exactly as it should be!

- 44x24bit wav files
- Kontakt version 4.05 or higher to play.
- includes: (Full Kits/All nicely layered!)
* Country kit
* Heavy Metal kit
* Jazz Kit
* Small Swift kit
- includes: (All singles-snares, toms, cymbals, etc.)

This build was created by 'TEAM 0TH3Rside'

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