Nissan Catalog, Infiniti, Fast + Note E11 Repair Manual

Nissan Catalog, Infiniti, Fast + Note E11 Repair Manual | 5.47 GB

Electronic parts catalog cars NISSAN. Program to determine the original part number (part number). You enter the VIN-code car - a program to "parse" on the side tells you the date of the car and offers a choice of only those parts that are installed it on your car.

The assembly contains electronic parts catalog cars NISSAN. Also, NOTE E11 - Repair Manual.

Extras. Information:
A1 2011-09
A2 2011-09
B1 2011-09
F1 2011-09

A1 2011-09
A2 2011-09
B1 2011-08

A1 2011-09
B1 2011-07
B2 2011-07
F1 2011-09

A1 2011-09
F1 2011-09.

The installation program from the ground must be done:
0. Mount a virtual drive (I-Alcohol 120% working without any problems. Daemon Tools, too, in the subject. Using Total Commander can be problems - lost files when unpacking)
A. In the mounted image - from a folder FASTPRG \ Win2000 \ start Setup and specify the installation path (placed on any hard, not only C \)
Two. On drive C \ (D, E, G) where you originally pointed the way to the folder Nissan create additional folders \ EL. US1. CA1. GL1. (Preferably had called EL; US1, etc ..., because from time to time with somebody, I have problems because of their folder names). These folders can be created on any drive (not just in your Nissan, as I have actually been done: software wrapper - in C \ and the folder with the databases - on D \)
3. In each folder to unpack the images; EL - in EL, and so forth (ie, in the form of all the files from EL, GL, and so you create a copy on the hard disk of the same name folder. When you upgrade - transfer the new files "with replacement" for the file except FASTPRG. his old reserve)
4. Next, find the file C: \ Nissan \ nfset.exe and run it. The tab set-up CD-Rom
Prescribe a separate path to each folder (x: \ Nissan \ El, x: \ Nissan \ ER, x: \ Nissan \ Us, etc ...). The path should be short: no more than 2-3 folders "in the way" and it is desirable to aglitskogo folder names (in my memory have already been precedents - program "can not" read in Russian)
Five. Create a desktop shortcut to the file zapusknoe: X \ NISSAN \ Nfmenu.exe
6. ALL work.

NOTE E11 Repair Manual
The Official Guide for repair and maintenance NISSAN.

Electronic parts catalog NISSAN
Year / Date: 2011
Version: 4.70
Language: English

NOTE E11 Repair Manual
Genre: Manual repair and maintenance
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook, original computer
Number of pages: lots
The size of the assembly: 5.47 GB