ICEM Surf 4.7.3 | 1.21 GB

In the world of industrial design software suite ICEM Surf is a recognized leader in software for the modeling of complex surfaces.
The use of powerful features ICEM Surf from conceptual design to 3D-industrial styling allows you to create the highest quality products and competitiveness.

ICEM Surf is easy to learn and easy to use. "Sculpt" model with it no more difficult than from clay, while providing a high quality of design in record time. Application fichernoy technology enables modeling, in terms easily manageable elements. For example, instead of the complicated constructions in the curved surface of all actions performed on the first plane, and then the geometry of the automatic means "shifted" to a curved surface.

Extras. Information:
A. Some details of the installation, see below
Two. CD # 1 contains Icem Surf + Icem FlexLM, CD # 2 - Icem Viewer + English Icem PDF Manuals + Icem Tiff Library

Some details of the installation:

A. At the time of startup CD № 1 - shows the installation of "HOST" and a string - the name of the company and it should be used when generating license
Two. Put the two ticks - to Icem and Flexlm 9.2 (not 9.2 - will not work)
Three. During installation an error popped up to create shortcuts, but all the same labels themselves were created on the desktop (my fault, most likely, the Russian Wind).
Labels are removed in a folder in the "Start".
4. When you start Icem Surf - error - file not found str_sws.dat ->
Five. Generated license license.dat using Win32 ....... exe (exe copied to your hard drive)
6. in her line of edited CHANGE_ME on line from point 1
7. file is renamed and copied str_sws.dat 2 directory - C: \ FLEXLM and C :/ icem/icemsurf-4.7.3/lic / as previously used a different version FlexLm
Eight. Run flexlm.cpl (from: C :/ icem/flexlm-9.2/flexlm.cpl), then the path to the Setup vystalyaem lmgrd.exe -> C: \ icem \ flexlm-9.2 \ lmgrd.exe
and the License file -> C: \ icem \ icemsurf-4.7.3 \ lic \ str_sws.dat
9. Tick ??- Start server at Power-Up - Apply
10. Tab Control - Stop, then Start, OK.
11. The program runs
12. Separately, put CD № 2 - with PDF documents and so on.
If there are other prog to FlexLm - probably have to switch the license over flexlm.cpl - Setup - Service Name.

Link Extabit, Ryushare, Lumfile :
If links die, I will reupload at here.
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