SV - MicroPE 2k10 PlusPack CD/USB/HDD v.2.5.0 (30.04.2012)

SV-MicroPE 2k10 PlusPack CD/USB/HDD v.2.5.0 (30.04.2012) | 822 MB

Miniature Windows-PE from the SV2004, is strongly modified in comparison with the original. Features - WIM-assembly, based on the core BS-Explorer, loaded for 50sek. and running very quickly. There is support for SCSI / SATA / RAID.

Two variants of download - with enhanced support for SATA / SCSI / Raid (256MB of RAM) and basic (from 128MB of memory). Network / Internet and multimedia support in the assembly are not available, only in the extended version - Multiboot 2k10 CD (DVD) / USB.

Main purpose:
Preparing to install the OS (with Notch install Win 2000/XP/2003 - Utility Install_Win or WinNTSetup), creation / deployment of system images, restore / copy data, resuscitation companies, clearing the OS from viruses (Trojans), testing the basic components of MS, and more . In general, the drive system administrator.

A. Integrated drivers SCSI / SATA / RAID / IDE (@ yahoo005)
Two. Full support USB-Flash/HDD hot-plug (since version 2.0 adds support for running controllers USB-3.0).
Three. Support Wim-archives (automounter in B: \ PePrograms), if the file ini - the launch. (@ Yurkesha)
4. Different logo download (for single and multi-different). CD-boot - Isolinus, USB-boot Syslinux (3.86). Can be installed on the USB-HDD (format the partition, make the primary / active), copy the folder, run the batch file on the disk. An alternate boot Grub4Dos with full menus and extra features.
Five. The conductor on the basis of Xplorer2.
6. Restart the shell at startup, if the carrier is connected with a marker. The marker is a batch file 2k10 \ WinPE \ SVPE.bat. When downloading is too much disk C. .. W, searched the file, control passes to the first found, ie,
C: \ 2k10 \ WinPE \ SVPE.bat ... D: \ 2k10 \ WinPE \ SVPE.bat ...
The batch file installs a folder with the programs (PePrograms) as drive Y: - for easy "snap" connected with the media programs. In addition, the main menu is replaced by BS Explorer and restart the shell. In other words, the main menu (in the kernel) works if the media could not be found with a marker. And extended (SVPE \ _start.ini, easily modified by a set of programs if necessary) a substitute for the main, if found support. A set of plug-program can be seen in the last picture. In addition to the Start menu, easy to change other menu, add entries to the registry and "throw" the necessary libraries to the core - all this can be prescribed in 2k10 \ WinPE \ SVPE.bat.bat.
7. All programs removed from the kernel (there were only a file manager FAR, Xplorer2 and partly ERD-2005). For ease of use of labels on some of the tools are duplicated in different sections - for example, software CD-Roller, and IsoBuster (recovery CD / DVD) "prescribed" in section "Data Recovery" and "CD / DVD-utility."
Eight. The algorithm to allocate memory for tempo drive (now in the presence of storage volume increases - up to 1.5GB).
9. In detail: Runscanner to inciting programs for "lying" Windu, SetTargetRoot for the same purpose in the ERD-2005 and so on.
10. Virtually all programs can be used as a portable (self-extracting in the TEMP with the automatic registration). When working in XPe from the menu on the possibility to bring on the "lying" Windu. To use the software under Windows is the standard tool P2Start - it connects to the "Start" menu of the program assembly (Programs 2k10).
11. The assembly is fully contained in one folder 2k10. For intergatsii in multisborki just plug them in the build menu - 2k10 \ SYSLINUX \ syslinux.cfg (for assemblies at the Syslinux) or 2k10 \ GRUB4DOS \ 2K10M.LST (for assemblies GRUB4DOS).


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