Vinux 3.2.1 Plus (i386-amd64)

Vinux 3.2.1 Plus (i386/amd64) | 5.56 Gb

Vinux a remastered version of the distribution Ubuntu Linux, optimized for users with impaired vision. It provides a reading from the screen, zoom and full screen support for braille displays out of the box! It can be run from Live CD, without any changes on your hard disk. If you are looking for distribution, you can install it on a USB flash drive or hard disk, or install Vinux with Windows, using the virtual machine, or as a complete replacement for Windows. To learn more about the different versions Vinux, please visit the project website.

Title: Vinux (for visually impaired users)
Version: 3.2.1 PLUS
Latest version: 3.2.1 PLUS
Official site:
Architecture: i386, amd64
Type of drive: DVD


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