Next Limit Maxwell Render 1.729

Next Limit Maxwell Render 1.729 | 407 Mb

Next Limit Maxwell Render is a standalone system with three-dimensional image of the object,
which is based on the principle of "no assumptions".
That is, it is based on the physical properties of light and surface.
Since the program uses the equation of the wave theory of light, can visualize three-dimensional scenes with unmatched quality.
The system is totally re-create the wave nature of light that makes it easy to copy many physical phenomena,
such as expansion of the light spectrum after passing through a prism.

The new version will satisfy many users of bug fixes and updates to the program, as well as new opportunities.
- A new interactive system envisioned Maxwell FIRE
- Quick Interactive Rendering technology
- Preview scene lighting and materials in seconds
- Built-in Plug-ins and Maxwell Studio
- Compatible with all Maxwell Render material and features
- Improved material properties of SSS
- Fixed bugs and problems with CAMERA - mxi - SIMULENS
- Fixed some problems and errors in the main application
- Added new command line parameters Rendering