Name: Release
Year: 2010
Region: UK
Runtime: 87 min
Language: English


From the acclaimed team that brought you the hit gay drama SHANK, RELEASE is an explosive drama about violence, abuse and budding love behind walls of a hellish prison. After finding himself locked-up for a serious crime, young priest Jack (Daniel Brocklebank) struggles to adapt to life in an increasingly volitile prison replete with corrupt guards and a vulnerable cellmate (Wayne Virgo from SHANK). However, when he meets guard Martin (Garry Summers) a passionate but clandestine affair develops and he gets a new lease of life. Both mens dreams of escaping together are threatened as tensions rise and battle lines are drawn, and soon their very survival becomes paramount. More visceral and gut-wrenching than most gay cinema in recent memory, RELEASEs unflinching exploration of justice, retribution, repression, religion and love is an example of British cinema at its most refreshing, controversial and exciting.