Avid Sibelius 7 Installer DVD - Mac OSX Avid Sibelius 7 Installer DVD - Mac OSX Avid Sibelius 7 Installer DVD - Mac OSX | 2.87 GB] Sibelius 7 Sounds is no ordinary bundled sample library. This collection combines exclusive content with hand-selected sounds from industry experts to bring you more than 38 GB of professional-quality sounds covering every instrument family-from a complete symphony orchestra to specialist sounds like handbells and a 27-stop church organ. Orignal Provider --> Freshwap.com Exclusive, specially recorded Avid Orchestra An expert sound designer, who has worked with some of Hollywood's most demanding composers, recorded one of Europe's top orchestras to build the Avid Orchestra. Every orchestral instrument is represented, including unusual ones such as the Wagner tuba, alto flute, heckelphone, and lithophone. We've also included several period instruments, including Baroque trumpet and oboe d'amore. There is a full complement of string instruments, including beautiful solo, chamber and full sectional patches. Wherever possible, instruments have been recorded with a consistent set of playing techniques including legato, detache, staccato, tenuto, and trills, with specialist techniques for many instruments e.g. double-tonguing for flute, mutes for brass and strings, unmeasured tremolo for strings, etc. World-class licensed content To match the professional quality of the included content, Sibelius 7 Sounds also features hand-selected sounds from specialized sample providers. It includes a full 27-stop pipe organ, taken from the E.M. Skinner Organ from Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Chicago, IL as sampled by Milan Digital Audio- the developers of Hauptwerk, the world's finest virtual organ software. Listen to an organ score And for marching band and drum corps arrangers, Sibelius 7 includes a selection of sounds from the brand new Rumble and Fanfare libraries from Sample Logic. The first sound libraries to feature the multi-time world champion drum corps, The Blue Devils, these sounds were recorded at the world-famous Skywalker Sound scoring stage in Marin County, CA. Avid Sibelius 7 Installer DVD - Mac OSX
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