Classic 1 1980

Year: 1980
Country: France
Genre: Teens, Orgy, pre-condom, Anal / Oral
Duration: 1 hour 46 min.
Directed by: Jean Daniel Cadinot
Cast: Bruno de Walberg; Lucien Malard; Pierre Tanguy; Elyes Ardini (Escalier de Service)
Laurent Miala; Sydney Mckenna; Matthias Chamberlain; Lorenzo Bellini (Garcons de Reves)
Frederic Lemaire; Farid Zenogin; Michel Lenne; William Delem (Hommes de Chantier)
Raphael Carter; Ralph; Christian Hoarau (Stop) Description:
Description: When you're 18 years old, where do you have to go to be able to fuck in peace? The answer: a service staircase, the ideal place to spice up the excitement! But be careful: wet paint! Pre-occupied by their fucking, the two teenagers haven't noticed that above them, two young painters lay down their brushes to take care of their own rollers for the first coat! A tarpaulin over the stairs, overalls round their ankles ... they fuck on every floor. What a job; a staircase of services rendered!
Garcons de Reves
Within the secrecy of a confessional, a teenager, hot enough to damn all the saints, shamelessly recounts his longings and homosexual pleasures.
In the luke-warm humidity of a clinic bedroom, the young man will discover the revelations of forbidden pleasures, thanks to the shocking treatments of the nurse and his accomplice in the neighbouring bed.
The quantity and accuracy of the details will soon bring the young priest's vows of chastity crashing down around his ankles.
Is it the beauty of God? Or the beauty of the Devil? It's most certainly not Saint Peter who holds the keys to the seventh heaven ...
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