LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim R11

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim R11 | 2.15 GB
The integrated platform for 1D multi-domain system simulation. Enabling intelligent system simulation. Today intelligent system integration is driving improved product performance and delivering innovative designs in a variety of industries. Recent surveys show that approximately 80% of the next-generation systems and products will be derived from so-called intelligent systems. One of the most common examples is the advanced injection and control systems essential to clean-running and fuel-efficient car engines. But it is not only the automotive industry that is investing heavily in the intelligent system design trend to reach new targets for vital attributes like safety comfort and of course driving pleasure. Active systems are running everything from key operating and safety mechanisms in the latest airplanes to ?smart? packaging machines hyper-speed printing presses power-packing excavators and highly-efficient wind turbines. Intelligent systems clearly are essential when designing cost-efficient products with higher productivity levels and superior reliability.
Meeting strategically critical engineering challengesHow can an engineer pro-actively incorporate functional performance into an intelligent system* Especially a system with complex interaction between mechanical hydraulic pneumatic thermal and electric/electronic components and subsystems
This is exactly the beauty of LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim. This 1D simulation platform simplifies multi-domain integration using an easy-to-use simulation process. All engineers need to do is connect various validated components to simply and accurately predict multi-disciplinary intelligent system performance.
With extensive dedicated libraries totaling more 3500 components LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim actually saves enormous amounts of time by simply eliminating the need for extensive modeling. Thanks to its application-specific simulation capabilities engineers can assess a variety of subsystems in multiple physical domains. This allows design and engineering teams to carefully balance product performance according to various brand attributes and achieve the best possible design way before committing to expensive and time-consuming prototype testing. Since LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim features intelligent system simulation early in the development cycle. It truly allows strategically critical design functionality to drive new product design.
LMS Imagine: your partner for intelligent system design
Thanks to over 20 years of experience with major industry actors worldwide LMS Imagine can help customers solve their most critical design issues. Our expertise can make the difference between successful product launches and costly repairs recalls or even product failures. Our innovative team?s unique combination of skills engineering experience and process know-how turns attribute engineering into a strategic competitive advantage.
LMS Imagine provides high-quality support services for all of its multi-domain solutions and software platform. Our customers benefit from the maximum return on their software investment. We are their partner when its comes to optimizing engineering productivity and maintaining up-to-date skills competencies and systems that result in that essential competitive edge required for successful intelligent system design.
Function-driven design with LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim:
Analyze intelligent system functionality right from the start
Optimize mechanical hydraulic pneumatic thermal and electric/electronic system interaction long before prototype testing
Pro-actively engineer strategically critical design functionality for best overall product performance and quality
Avoid design flaws explore design alternatives and accelerate product development cycles
LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim solutions for:
Automotive and Ground Transportation
LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim offers dedicated solutions for all major vehicle subsystems: internal combustion engines transmissions vehicle thermal management systems vehicle systems dynamics as well as fluid systems related to engines and electrical systems. Vehicle engineering teams can simulate system performance during the early design stage to optimally balance multiple functional requirements and brand attributes.
Aerospace manufacturers are challenged to design systems that are all encompassing: safe reliable efficient comfortable and environmentally friendly. Thanks to its multi-domain system simulation capabilities LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim meets these engineering challenges for a wide range of aeronautics and aerospace subsystems and components. The current portfolio includes solutions for aerospace engine equipment environmental control systems flight controls ground loads and electromechanical components and numerous electrical systems.
Industrial machinery
LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim helps heavy machinery and industrial equipment manufacturers develop innovative product designs that deliver higher throughput more reliability maximum efficiency and minimum downtime. The LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim platform covers fluid thermal hydraulic mechanical electro-mechanical and pneumatic domains. Application-specific solutions cover a wide range of industrial applications: machine tooling robotics hydraulic presses test benches cooling systems air-conditioning systems offshore oil platforms pipelines shipbuilding power generators railway and light rail solutions construction equipment agricultural machinery and packaging machinery.