Centurians of Rome 1981

Year: 1981
Genre: Feature, Classic, Bear, Pre-Condom
Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes
Directed by: John Christopher
Starring: George Payne, Demetrius Eric Ryan, Commander Scorpio, Octavius Dave Ruby, Commander's Soldier (as Jonny Cannuk) Jeffrey Scott, Commander's Soldier Adam De Haven, Claudius Jerome C. Fox, Auctioner Michael Flent, Emporer Ed Wiley, Argos David Havey, Old Slave Ryder Jones, Bath Slave Giuseppe Welch, Bath Slave David O'Chela, Soldier John Cannon, Soldier Greg Monroe, Soldier
Description: Roman countrymen are sold into slavery for not paying their taxes during Caligula's reign as Emperor. Orgies take place and include: a guard being rimmed by a slave who is being sucked by another, shooting into faces, mutual masturbation, and more. Other encounters also include spanking and butt-fucking, chains and sweat. From the Golden era of Gay cinema, no condoms.
Ext. Information: Description in Russian:
One of the most expensive high-budget gay films (budget about 100 000 dollars), it combines pornography and directed this historical film, the film is based on historical facts of ancient Rome
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