Ubuntu Studio 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin)

Ubuntu Studio 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) | 3.78 GB
Ubuntu Studio - linux distribution based on Ubuntu, designed for enthusiasts and professionals, creative people working with the media - video, audio and graphics. Ubuntu Studio has a collection of open-source software required for multimedia.

Ubuntu Studio will help users to quickly deploy a ready-to-use photo, video, audio studio with minimal resources and maximum comfort. As a graphical user environment used by GNOME and applications in GTK +. This provides a comfortable work with audio and video applications.
In the default Ubuntu Studio is involved with the Linux kernel patch to increase responsiveness. Completed migration to the surrounding Xfce. Improved integration of Pulse Audio and JACK;
This provides a comfortable work with audio and video applications.

To work with the audio packets are available: Aeolus, Ardour, Audacity, Echomixer, envy24controls, HDSPConf, HDSPMixer, Hexter, JACK, JACK control, JAMin, Mixxx, MuseScore, Patchage, Puredata, Qsynth, Rakarrak, RMEdigicontrol, Sound Recorder.

To work with the video: CinePaint, PiTiVi, Kino, Stopmotion, VLC media player.

For graphics: F-Spot, GIMP, Hugin, Inkscape, XSane Image, Agave, Blender, Enblend, FontForge, Scribus, Synfig.

For more information about the improvements:
System changes:

The Linux kernel has been updated to version 3.2.14 (3.2.0-23.36). Among the specific features of the Ubuntu kernel package include:
The kernel for amd64 architecture is now available as a package, without division into-generic and-server, who decided to unite in order to simplify support under a long-cycle support;
in the DRM-i915 driver, the default power saving mode is activated RC6 for video based on Intel architecture Sandy Bridge. RC6 mode allows you to virtually zero to reduce energy consumption during idle GPU. When testing for inclusion on the RS6 unloaded systems has been a general decline in energy consumption by 40-60%. Previously observed activation problems successfully solved RC6 by Intel;
Added support seccomp filter, an interesting mechanism to restrict access to system calls for applications. Seccomp filter feature is to define rules of access to system calls in the BPF-representation (Berkley Packet Filter), an actively used for filtering network packets. BPF allows to implement rather complex access rules, for example, taking into account the arguments passed and returned. In the simplest case, the structure of the code is added to the list of valid system calls (ALLOW_SYSCALL) and reaction in case of a mismatch (eg, KILL_PROCESS). To determine the use of system calls should use the rule EXAMINE_SYSCALL. The program will automatically determine which system calls it needs, all other system calls are blocked, which allows you to limit the possibility of an attacker in the case of exploitation in protected by seccomp filter application. In addition to Ubuntu, the system seccomp filter will soon be integrated into the Chrome OS;
From the branch 3.3: bekportirovany patches to determine the audio jacks (for example, exhibiting different levels of volume control for headphones and speakers);
Added patches to fix bugs, work-related kexec on platforms ARM;
Audited kernel configurations, for example, CONFIG_PANEL_DVI = y for omap, CONFIG_EXT2_FS = m (ext2 will support as a module) and CONFIG_SATA_AHCI = y;
Added additional drivers for touchpad ALPS;
Support AUFS deprecated in the future will be discontinued, users are encouraged to migrate this filesystem to use for similar opportunities OverlayFS;
Updated patch with support for mandatory access control AppArmor.
The package includes a new version of the system initialization Upstart 1.5, which also fixes are a few new features: support for parameter "setuid" and "setgid" to organize the launch of certain services under a specified user, change logging, reflecting the performance of services (all output in the performance of services The default is saved in the file "/ var / log / upstart / imya_servisa.log" that are subject to a daily rotation, set the logging is done through the console or via the option "- default-console", "- logdir" and "- no-log "); improved" upstart-udev-bridge "in the direction of the equipment that displays incorrect data, the team added initctl notify-disk-writeable;
Included a large portion of optimizations aimed at the extension of battery life. For example, in the pm-utils includes two new script to stop the USB power and PCI-device activation mode of battery life;
To determine the DNS name caching enabled lightweight DNS-server dnsmasq, for example, that allowed the Network Manager to add the possibility of using other DNS-servers for the VPN-specific channels;
Updated versions of programs, including: GCC 4.6.3, binutils 2.22, eglibc 2.15, OpenJDK 6b24, and OpenJDK 7u3;
Updated packages with Python 2.7 and Python 3.2. The package included new package for Python 3: python-dbus, python-feedparser, germinate, lazr.ui, wadllib, python-defer, python-keyring, python-qt4. Support for Python 2.6 is suspended;
Device Support ClickPad, differing from the usual touchpad integration of physical buttons directly to the surface of the touchpad. Support for Ubuntu ClickPad can continue to move the cursor while holding down the form of buttons. Currently supported by the majority of the company ClickPad Synaptics, as well as similar touchpads Apple MacBook. Device Support Apple Magic Trackpad Synaptics, and additional models are expected in the next issue;
To increase compatibility with Debian group "admin" has been replaced with "sudo". Entering it allows users to perform privileged operations through utility sudo. Support for the admin group is reserved for compatibility with previous releases;
In the Network Manager achieved the equivalent support for IPv6 and IPv4, to create a working connection is no longer necessary to have an IPv4 address;

Minimum system requirements:
Processor: Pentium IV 3GHz
RAM: 1Gb
Video Card: 512Mb

Recommended system requirements:
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz or higher
RAM: 2Gb or higher
Video Card: 1Gb or higher


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