Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition With SP1 (x86/x64)-ZWTiSO

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition With SP1 (x86 / x64) -ZWTiSO | 2.2 Gb / 2.87 Gb

If you use your PC f wk you'll want Windows 7 Professional. It helps you be me productive and protects the critical infmation you wk with. Many routine tasks just take a couple of clicks so you can spend less time setting up projects printers and netwks. Advanced backup options help you protect your hard wk with automatic backups to your home business netwk. And with Windows XP Mode you can use virtually all of your Windows XP programs in Windows 7.

Wk anywhere easier
* Find and connect to netwks in just three clicks.
* Automatically connect to your preferred netwk printer with Location Aware Printing.
* Give presentations me professionally with easy project connection and special display settings.
* Keep using most business programs with Windows XP Mode.

Wk me securely
* Help safeguard your wk with automatic backups including netwk backups.
* File encryption can help keep confidential infmation secure on PCs with me than one user.
* Assistance features such as Windows Troubleshooting reduce the need f outside suppt.
* Recd step-by-step processes to create training tools document problems requiring outside suppt.


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